Destroyed the diet this Easter? Try these great chocolate-burning exercises

It’s that time of year again. Having just gotten over the Christmas season, you’re now faced with Easter and the inevitable chocolate indulgence. If you love chocolate and find you always overindulge come Easter time, don’t worry too much. Here are some of the best exercises to burn those calories quickly.

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Did you know the average Easter egg contains around 530 calories? Combine this with the chocolatey treats inside many eggs and you could be looking at over 1,000 calories in that one innocent-looking Easter wrapping. But don’t worry, we have the four best exercises for fighting your Easter chocolate indulgence.


Running is one of the fastest ways to burn off chocolate calories, even more so than walking. Running gets your muscles moving, your heart pumping and your lungs taking in more oxygen than some other types of exercises. When you keep your running at a continuous level you can burn up to twice as many calories as what you can walking. According to the Exercise for Weight Loss chart from the Mayo Clinic, the average woman weighing around 70 kilograms who runs at around 12 to 13 km/hr for one hour will burn about 860 calories.

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Bike buffs who enjoy pushing themselves around town or cross country at a fast pace, including a few hill climbs, can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. If you aren’t quite so outdoors-inclined, why not try a spin class? A fast-paced spin class can see you lose around 800 calories.

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A step machine combines aerobic exercise with resistance training, helping you to burn off that Easter chocolate indulgence faster than ever. An hour on the step machine in the gym and you can drop the 1,000 calories you put on last night while in front of the TV.

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Surprisingly, swimming can be a great calorie burner, but only if you push yourself. You need to keep your heart rate up. A hard workout of continuous butterfly for one hour and you can burn around 1,000 calories. Breaststroke can see you burn around 750 calories, with freestyle you’ll burn around 700 calories and backstroke tends to burn the least, around 600 calories per hour. For those who enjoy a more relaxed, leisurely swim, you’re going to burn around 400 calories in an hour.

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