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Romantic viewpoints in Australia

Plan your special Valentine’s Day (or night) by a breathtaking viewpoint that will have you pausing for a special moment.

Couple kissing at sunset

Whether you want a first date, first kiss or a truly special place to pop the big question, consider one of the romantic viewpoints in Australia this Valentine’s Day.

Ocean drop

Don’t look past one of Australia’s best features — our beaches. We’re not saying just drop to the sand; find your local beach with a cliff top, winding walking path, rotunda or wooden jetty. Grab a soft blanket and take your loved one to this viewpoint to snuggle and breathe in the ocean air.

There is something truly beautiful about the moon relfecting on the water and the waves crashing on the shore.

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Head up high

If you or your loved one is captivated by twinkling lights, then head up to the highest vantage point in your city and peer far and wide to take in the thousands of lights dotting the dark night sky.

The Gold Coast is home to Australia’s tallest residential tower, the Q1 building. Up the top, however, there is a public observation deck (SkyPoint) that looks as far south as Byron Bay, as far north as Brisbane, and West into the hinterland.

Many captial cities feature their tallest building, which often have lounges or restaurants at the top where you can stop for a cocktail.

Astro love

If you’d rather look up and be captivated by the mystery of space and twinkling stars, then why not book into a session at your local observatory?

The Sydney Observatory, part of the PowerHouse Museum, is hosting a night of special Valentine’s viewing sessions.

The Valentine’s Stellar Indulgence pack includes a welcome glass of champagne and a cupcake, all while listening to music by The Comets. Then the real show begins. The Sydney Observatory team says, “Star-gazing lovers will then view through telescopes in the domes, weather permitting. Jupiter, the King of the planets, the Great Orion Nebula and star clusters will be observed.”

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Take a drive

We usually head for the highway to find the fastest way to a location, so why not spend this Valentine’s Day taking a long, indulgent drive with your loved one? Get your favourite playlist ready and enjoy the seclusion of the two of you in the car. Take your time driving along scenic routes such as those along coastal towns.

For those lucky enough to be based in Victoria, plan the start of an extra long weekend and hit the road for the ultimate Australian drive — the Great Ocean Road. This drive will take you past the now-crumbling 12 Apostles, among many other spectacular sights.

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