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Sex every day for a year

Yes, you read correctly. Sex every day for a year. We’re not talking about newly dating couples or having different partners, but rekindling that romance in your long-term relationship. Are you up for the challenge?

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As you build your lives together they inevitably become more and more hectic with stressful careers, financial pressure, demanding kids and an endless list of domestic duties. Finding time in your relationship to sit and talk, let alone the physical and emotional energy required to make love is difficult to say the least.

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365 nights a memoir of intimacy

In one such attempt to keep complacency at bay and fan the fading flame, Charla Muller came up with a bold and unique 40th birthday gift for her husband: sex every day for a year. According to her book, 365 Nights, the gift idea went over pretty well and while her husband was sceptical, he was definitely willing. Despite hitting a low point around the tenth month where Muller referred to the gift as her “stupid idea”, the determined couple saw it through to the end and had sex nearly every day for an entire year.

Spurred on by Charla Muller’s experience, and the success of her resulting book, many couples are taking up the challenge to spice up their relationship. So would you do it? Would you commit to having sex every day for a year?

Depending where you are at in your relationship the idea might sound anywhere from romantic or downright ridiculous. The challenge might seem doable when you’ve had a relaxing day at the spa and your partner has been showering you with affection, but what about those other days? The days when you have your period, you’ve been up with the baby all night or you’ve just had a fight. The true commitment behind this challenge quickly becomes apparent.

Did you know?

  • Couples who take time to cultivate and maintain healthy and satisfying sexual relations tend to be more connected with each other and do not suffer from depression, heart problems and other health maladies, experts say. According to USA Today, 20-30 per cent of men and 30-50 per cent of women say they have little or no sex drive.
  • The benefits of sex are physical as well as emotional. According to WebMD, sex can boost immunity, burn calories, improve self-esteem and help you sleep better.
  • Relationship expert Francine Kaye insists that the majority of people can cope with any problem within a marriage if they have the connection of sex.
  • Sex registers higher on the relationship importance scale if it is a source of frustration in your relationship. “In other words if your sex life is unfulfilled, it becomes a gigantic issue,” says Dr Phil.
  • “An active sex life promotes intimacy, reassurance and the realization that both parties are wanted and needed,” reports sexual medicine expert, Dr Geoff Hackett.

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While committing to sex every single day might be a bit extreme, there is definitely something to be said for prioritising regular intimacy with your partner. Not only will it benefit your relationship, but your health and happiness, too.

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