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Revealed: 5 Date ideas to spoil your man

The truth is men aren’t known for being particularly fussy about dates — they’re more a means to an end, or an opportunity to spend some quality time with you.

Still, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show him just how much you care, and what better way to do that than a full-on, bona-fide man date.

If your man is the romantic kind, you’ll have had the pleasure of countless candlelit dinners, nights in a hotel and flowers brought home. He’ll have treated you to many dates that you’ve loved, which frankly is great and exactly what you deserve. But have you ever thought about the kind of date he’d like?

What constitutes a man date? You can’t watch the footy while swigging a crate of beers with him, so how else could you treat him to a date he’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day?

Here’s how.


Go to a sports game

If your man is a sports fan, buy yourself his team’s kit (essential so he knows you’re going!) and surprise him with two tickets to their next game. This one will go down so well you’ll basically be considered wife material and be treated like some kind of goddess for many months to come. Be sure to show your enthusiasm and when he wants to talk about the game all you have to do is pretend to be interested.

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Go bike riding

Men like adventure and they love the outdoors. Why not don your spandex and your helmet and go biking? You can pack a picnic (remember sandwiches!) for the two of you to enjoy in the countryside and even use the open space to get al fresco, if you know what we mean.


Go golfing

Golfing is a great way to unwind that is overlooked by many women who consider it a “man’s” game. The truth is that it’s not so difficult, and golf’s relaxing powers will free up your man for some focused, quality time together. He’ll love the gesture and, best of all, most golf clubs have a good restaurant and bar for you to enjoy afterwards.


Go beer tasting

Can you imagine a better treat for a beer-loving boyfriend? Once again, this is a great way to spend quality time together and you’ll get to know loads about beer, too, so it’s kind of educational. A great warm up before a meal, you’ll laugh the whole day through and have a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget. Actually, you probably will have forgotten it come morning. Cheers!

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Stay at home

Secretly, many men will just be hoping for a quiet Valentine’s Day that requires very little effort, so why not give him just that? Buy him a few of his favourite beers and a bottle of wine, let him put his feet up and just spend the evening relaxing. You can give massages, get drunk, dance together and basically just enjoy your Valentine’s Day with absolutely no pressure — just how he always dreamed.

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