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Original date ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been together for a while, you may be guilty of safe, boring date nights. Freshen up your love life this year with these original Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Couple taking a sensual dance class

Been there, done that? Happy with the same old, same old? Can’t think what to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether you consider yourself creative or adventurous, active or sentimental, there is an idea here to suit you and your favourite guy.


  • Take a pottery or art class — you’ll discover a whole new side to yourself and your partner and create a gift for them at the same time
  • Take a cooking class — what a great way to get your partner in the kitchen in a fun, no pressure atmosphere… plus you usually get to eat what you’ve cooked at the end.


  • Go to an amusement park — no taking turns minding the kids while one of you waits in line. Leave them at home and enjoy a carefree evening of adrenaline-rushing rides together for once.
  • Photo shoot — head out for the day with camera in hand and capture photos of each other. Explore your eye for photography by taking creative, touristy, silly and sexy shots of each other. Don’t forget to find a random stranger or two so you can have a couple of photos together.
  • Take dance lessons — you may find that you have two left feet or you may pleasantly surprise yourself but it is sure to be a new experience that you share together and will be able to look back on with a laugh.


  • Go skydiving together — some of the most fun date ideas are the ones that challenge us to do things that we might not otherwise do… this definitely fits that bill.
  • Make your own brew — everyone has done a winery tour but how about checking out your local boutique brewery? Not only will you get to taste-test the different varieties, most have the facilities for you to make your very own brew.
  • Coin toss date — at every intersection, flip a coin to decide which way to go. Let the coin decide how your date will end up.

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Just for laughs

  • Karaoke — if you are brave enough, go to a club, if not, you can always rent it to play at home. Up the stakes by playing for a prize.
  • Board games under the stars — have a picnic and play an old board game to take you back to a careless and time-rich youth.
  • Write a story together — take a paragraph each at a time. This is a good one to add to your standard dinner or drinks for just a sprinkle of change.

But wait there’s more

  • Take a test drive in a fun sports car. Better yet, rent one for the day and head out of the city.
  • Make a photo album together of all those cute iPhone, Instagram and Facebook photos of your time together so far.

There you have it, no excuses for the same-old date night this Valentine’s Day!

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