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20 Free things you can do for your guy

Who says you need flowers, diamonds and expensive gadgets to celebrate love? Here are 20 things you can do for your guy for free this Valentine’s Day that are sure to impress.

Couple exchanging vday gifts

Spending quality time with your loved one is an essential ingredient to any successful relationship. But whether it is long hours at work or a brood of kids that needs your attention, carving out that special slice of time with your partner can be difficult.

Enter Valentine’s Day — the most romantic night of the year. The night where couples head out for overpriced meals, spend a small fortune on flowers and expectations run high. But here’s a thought — if it’s quality time that you need, are all those extra bells and whistles really necessary? Or could you plan something a little different instead?

Here are 20 ideas that cost next to nothing that your guy is sure to love. They’re not fancy — just simple little things you can do at any time of the year to show your man that you love him.


Kick a ball

Guys love balls and they never really grow out of playing with them. Offering to kick a ball around with your man is a sure-fire way to please and get those sexy endorphins pumping at the same time.


Mates date

Freedom is one of those things your guy needs so if he’s chomping at the bit it’s time to let him run free with his mates. A leave pass, if you will. Give him permission to have a great night out with the guys and he’ll be back by your side in no time.


Mix tape

If your guy is into music, make him a mix tape of all your special tunes for him to carry around with him. Spotify, iTunes or Everyone’s Mix Tape are all great ways to make a playlist he’ll love.


Backyard picnic

If you want to connect with your man it’s time to turn off the TV. In fact, get out of the house altogether. Head out into your backyard, light some candles, throw down a rug and have a picnic dinner under the stars.


Water play

You don’t need a bath and bubbles to have a good time with your partner. Next time you’re in the shower encourage your guy to hop in with you. Give him a good rub down with some soap and just enjoy each other’s bodies.


Love note

Remember how your heart used to flutter when you would get slipped a note from that cute guy in your high school English class? Love notes are sweet for anyone and a great way to show you care. Write up something sweet or sexy and slip it into your partner’s work pants when they’re not looking.


Road trip

Bring some 1950s romance back to your relationship by suggesting you both go for a drive together. Pack a picnic and make a day of it and if he’s driving, do your best to not tell him he’s taking the corners too fast.


Card play

From strip poker to a simple game of fish, playing cards with your guy is a fun way to just spend time together. Grab a few drinks and some snacks and play into the night.


Gastronomic delight

It’s often said that the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach and, let’s face it, food tastes better when someone else cooks it. So pop on that apron and get cooking. Pick something you know your man loves (they’re not all steak lovers!) and wear something sexy while you do it.


A night under the stars

Camping may not be your thing but there’s a lot to be said about getting back to nature. For a start, you’ll be away from all those modern distractions like TV and the internet. So pack a bag, a bottle of wine and get to know each other again.


Message in a cookie

If your guy is into sweets then why not make him a love letter cookie? Simply bake a sheet of cookie dough and write your message in icing on top.


Fantasy land

Xbox, Playstation, Wii… chances are your guy has one that he’d like to play more. Ditch the rom-com this Valentine’s Day and settle in for a night of gaming instead.

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Make a movie

Apple has a great little app called iMovie which lets you make your very own Hollywood HD movies in minutes. At $6 it’s technically not free but it’s definitely worth the splurge.


Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love a sleep in? Let your guy relax in bed with a continental breakfast for two you can prepare the night before. Simply pop it on a tray and snuggle back in together for a quick snack between snoozes.

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Book of memories

If you’re one to hold onto all those little love notes you and your partner have sent each other why not make them into a timeline book of memories? Simply punch two holes and add some ribbon to old Valentine’s cards, pop a label on the front cover and spend some time reminiscing together.


Packed lunch

Send your guy off to work with a packed lunch this Valentine’s Day. Make him something he’ll enjoy, pop a chocolate or two and a love note in there (try not to go too overboard, he is going to have to pull it out and eat it in front of his colleagues) and a hint of what’s to come tonight if you’re game.


Hang in there

If life gets in the way of you and your partner sharing moments then it’s time to remind yourself of the good times by hanging them all around you! Print off a few photos of the two of you together and stick them on your walls or fridge for a daily reminder of why you’re together.


Not safe for work

If you want to get your guy in the mood then why not surprise him with a sexy email or text while he’s at work? We’re not suggesting nude photos here (remember, lots of workplaces have blocks and monitors on that sort of stuff), but just something steamy that will get his blood pumping.


Walk on the beach

Yes, it’s a little bit sappy but going for a walk together is a great way to squeeze in some exercise and quality time. Take your guy for a walk (or a jog) around your neighbourhood and look at houses you might want to buy, or pick a favourite spot to hike and take some photos along the way.


Between the sheets

Guys are visual creatures and there’s probably nothing he wants more on Valentine’s Day than you. That said, the you who’s wearing flannel PJs might not be what he’s after so meet him in the bedroom instead, well groomed and totally naked on the bed. He’s sure to get the hint.

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