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Personal mantras are the key to a new you

Being happy isn’t as hard as you may think. We all have control over how we react to situations life throws at us, and having your own personal mantras can take you one step closer to controlling your happiness.

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The power of positive thinking: We’ve all heard it mentioned as the way to leading a fulfilled life. The great news is that living a happy life through happy thoughts isn’t as crazy as it may sound.

Think back to times in your life when you’ve felt positive, ready to take on the world. Chances are at times like those, good things have happened. Now compare that with moments you’ve felt down, or not good enough and you’ve told yourself so. Well, it’s almost guaranteed that with negative thoughts come struggle and failure.

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So what is a mantra?

Mantra means tool of thought. In other words, using our thoughts as a guide or tool for life. Some groups use mantras to join together, almost as a type of prayer. For others the use of mantras occurs during meditation, and in more modern times, mantras have been used to help people retrain their thoughts to focus on positivity and success in order to reach their life goals.

How to use a mantra

When using a mantra to better your own life, it’s great practice to say it every day. You can speak out loud, or silently within your own thoughts, but setting some time aside each day to practice and absorb your mantra is the most effective way for it to become part of who you are and help you gain the results you’re looking for.

What should your mantra be?

Mantras are a very personal tool when being used to seek happiness. Firstly you must understand what you are seeking in order to feel happy and complete. Have a think and take some time to recall what you’ve been telling yourself lately. If you notice your thoughts have been negative toward certain areas of your life, then now is the time to re-write your thoughts and turn them in a positive direction.

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Mantra examples

  • I am a patient, positive person who welcomes challenges and creates great outcomes.
  • I am a focused, successful yet compassionate person who has respect for myself and others.
  • I am a competent person who can face any challenge with fine ability.
  • I trust in my ability to navigate challenges with honour and clarity.
  • Through life’s challenges I find my true place in the world.
  • I am patient, persistent, loving and loved.
  • I trust my heart and follow it always.

The best mantras are personal ones that reflect you. Take some time to create yours today.

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