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5 Signs your relationship might need help

Every relationship has its share of ups and downs; it’s completely normal and nothing to be worried about.

Sometimes, however, there are bigger problems, and knowing how to recognise the signs of a relationship breakdown could save yours.

Disagreements and small problems are nothing new to anyone in a relationship and, for most couples, a bit of a bump in the road is something their relationship recovers from without long-lasting damage. For some couples, however, relationship breakdown can signal the need for more serious help to recover from the issues that are causing relationship havoc.

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There can be a fine line between a subtle relationship problem and something that has the possibility to end a relationship for good, so it’s important to know what signs to look out for if you’re finding yourself in a relationship that might be heading towards long-term disaster.


Problems with trust

Trust in a relationship is a vital element to making it work in the long term. If either partner breaches that trust and the problem is not resolved it can become almost impossible to carry the relationship into the future. If trust is an issue, counselling may be the only way to work through the differences and regain the balance. If the breach of trust is so major that it may be impossible to overcome, it may be worth asking if it’s a relationship worth saving.


Lack of intimacy

Being intimate and close is an essential part of a relationship in the long term. If the intimacy in your relationship dissolves, this could be a clear sign that it’s heading for trouble. A highly reduced sex life, lack of kissing or touching, especially where it existed before, may be a problem. Take a look at the cause of the change, it may just be stress or tiredness and something that can easily be rectified.



Something that is not an option in a healthy relationship is abuse from either partner. Whether it be physical or mental, both the abuser and the abused need to seek help to cope with the problem.


Recurring arguments

Just when you think you’ve solved an ongoing issue it surfaces again in the next fight. Recurring arguments can do long-term damage to a relationship if they aren’t resolved. If your relationship is continually being dragged over the coals for the same problem, it’s time to find a way to solve things once and for all before the damage becomes irreparable.


Separate lives

You used to spend every weekend together doing things you both loved, but now you can’t track your partner down for five minutes of together time. This could be a sign that something just isn’t right. Don’t drag it out, it’s best to bring the problem out into the open without being confrontational and just ask them about it.

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Whatever it is that’s on your mind, trust your instincts when it comes to your relationship. Don’t leave things until it’s too late or you may just lose a wonderful relationship that truly could have been saved with a little communication and discussion.

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