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Goal-setting together for your future

Goal-setting together not only keeps your relationship heading in the right direction, it helps you to reach your goals sooner by working together instead of struggling along different paths.

Whether you’ve been together as a couple for months or years, by working together and planning for your future in a unified way, you can achieve more and have more fulfilling outcomes together than if you battled solo.

Setting goals together in your relationship can help reduce the risk of growing apart or finding out later down the track that your lives just aren’t heading in the same direction. Knowing you’re working toward some common goals gives you a long-term connection and will to succeed.

Examples of goals you can set in a relationship

  • Buying a house
  • An overseas holiday
  • Having children
  • Getting a pet
  • Purchasing a car
  • Fitness goals
  • Planning a road trip
  • New furniture
  • Buying a boat or other major item
  • Moving cities

Steps to goal-setting together in a relationship

  1. Know yourself. It’s important before you begin to plan in a relationship that you have some idea of where you’re wanting to head to. It might sound a bit basic, but when you get together with your partner to discuss plans for the future, it helps to have some idea of where you want to head and what you hope to achieve for yourself.
  2. Talk about it together. A general chat about the major things you’re hoping to achive in life is a great place to start in order to make sure you’re heading in similar directions.
  3. Write down your goals. The next step to focusing on your goals is to write them down so that you have something concrete to work on together.
  4. Compare and combine your goals. It’s likely that your individual goals may be a little different to your partner’s goals and that’s okay. Now is the time to compare the goals you’ve written down individually and decide which of those goals are the most important and what you’d like to work towards together. It’s okay to have your individual goals, but sharing larger goals as a couple will help with making them a reality without confrontation. Working together to prioritise your goals will ensure they are achievable and you’re both happy.

Working toward your goals as a couple

Once your goals are set, the easiest way to work toward them is to start small. Decide which goals take priority and break down your larger goals into smaller, achievable pieces. For example, if your goal is to purchase a house, then opening a high interest savings account would be the first step, then setting mini savings goals you can celebrate during saving for your deposit will give you a sense of success. Reward yourselves with something special for every thousand dollars saved, for example. It keeps the passion and positivity moving forward.

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