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Sex in public — when and how not to get caught!

Whether you want to stop your long-term relationship from going stale or you just want to keep your other half guessing, some public play time just might be in order to spice up your sex life.

There is something exciting about the possibility of being caught in the act. You have to move quickly and play dirty before you’re potentially caught. There’s a sense of urgency and that’s when primordial passion is released.

It’s also just a lot of fun and sexy and it is sure to keep the fire in your relationship going. Here are some handy hints on how to do the dirty in public without getting caught!

Set the scene

You might want to talk to your partner about this public display of affection first, or you might want to just surprise them and catch them off guard. It’s up to you! But a great way to start is while you’re in the car. Here you can take them by surprise in a relatively safe and secure environment. Make sure you’re driving. Perhaps you’re on the way home from dinner or a night out? Instead of heading straight home, take a detour and park somewhere dark and inconspicuous like a park. Take your seatbelt off, give your lover a long passionate kiss and just wait for the windows to start fogging up. The rest will just happen. Best to get into the back seat for this one as you’ll have more space to move around and switch positions — only just though, it is going to be squishy so be prepared. Maybe do some yoga to prepare your body for some flexibility.

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Choose the place carefully

Best places for a public romp

  • A local park at night
  • A restaurant bathroom
  • A secluded beach
  • A hotel balcony
  • In the middle of a football field
  • A sauna
  • The cinema — it might not be terribly practical to have sex in a movie theatre but a little foreplay never hurt anyone
  • At home with the lights on and the windows open

Start slowly and pick your place carefully. You might want to go with the car in the bushes first because chances are low that you’ll actually get caught. It’s a good place to start your public sex escapades. Or hey, you might want to jump right in there and go with something a bit more risky like going out to dinner and sexing it up in the toilets. Make sure you pick a nice restaurant with beautiful bathrooms and go for the disabled toilet because you’ll have it all to yourself. Be quick though, there might be someone coming! For the toilet, that is.

A quick escape

Once you start getting a bit more adventurous with your public displays of affection and doing it in more risky places, it might be an idea to keep your clothes on. Not only is it super sexy to have sex with your partner while you’re both still fully clothed, it is also a lot easier to plan your escape. If you hear someone or see someone, you just pull your pants up and you’re on your way. Easy.

What if you get caught?

Be prepared that you might actually get caught! It could happen. And then what? Do you have an escape route? Are you prepared to have a laugh about it? Are you in a safe place? It’s fun to keep the heat going in your sex life but there’s no reason to take unnecessary risks. Play safe and have fun with it!

Show your partner how sexy and fun sex in public can be. It’s sure to get your heart rate going!

Now get out there, get your sex on and have fun with your partner.

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