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Gadgets to help get you fit

Leave the days of boring fitness gear behind. These tech gadgets can help you stay in shape and help you reach your fitness goals better than ever before.

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If you need motivation to keep on track with your fitness goals, then you need technology. Not only do many of the latest tech gadgets keep your fitness regime fun, they also help to keep you on track with statistics and goal planning, helping you reach your fitness goals with ease.

Great apps to help you reach your fitness goals

We all know a phone is no longer just a phone, but an entire lifestyle changer. Put your phone to good use when you exercise by using some of the great apps available to encourage you to reach your health goals. Top apps for fitness include:

  • Couch to 5k: Thi is an app sensation that’s taken Australia by storm. It seems that anyone who is the slightest bit interested in using running as a means to fitness has an increased chance of success when using this app. Take a quick look around social media and you’ll find people reporting great results.
  • MapMyRun: This is one of the hottest ways to track your fitness results when hitting the street to run or walk. Not only does it tell you how far you’ve travelled, but it will use the gps settings on your phone to plot your entire journey and all this information can be saved. You can share your route with others, or find routes other people are using in that area.

Watches to help you reach your fitness goals

If you don’t want to be limited to using your smartphone as a fitness tool, there are stacks of great stand alone products that will have you hot on the road to fitness in no time.

  • Nike+ sports watch GPS powered by TomTom: This watch does what phone apps like MapMyRun do, but as a dedicated device that looks great. It will track your route, distance, pace and more while sitting comfortably on your arm and looking great.
  • Wii Fit & Kinect: With options like Wii Fit Plus or UFC Personal Trainer for Kinect, these gaming systems can help you stay fit and active when you’re running short of time, or when the weather leaves a lot to be desired. While they aren’t anything new, they deserve a definite mention. UFC Personal Trainer offers activities like kick boxing workouts and variety not seen in other games. Wii Fit Plus offers a lot of fun games and tracks your progress and is great for a starter fitness game.

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