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5 Great weight loss books

If you’re ready to lose weight, don’t go it alone. Use a weight loss book to help you shift the unwanted kilos.

woman measuing waistline

There are many resources to lose weight, shape up and feel great about ourselves. If, however, you’re not ready to go to a health club (or just can’t afford it), you’ll find great tips and advice in weight loss books.

Some of the most well-known fitness gurus and health organisations have put their skills and knowledge into a book and SheKnows has rounded up these top five to guide you.


The CSIRO diet

The CSIRO total wellbeing diet book

If you want facts and stats then look no further than The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Australia’s most well-known science centre first created this weight loss plan in 2005. Since then it has become a well-used resource.

The centre says:

“Research at CSIRO’s Clinical Research Unit in Adelaide, South Australia, led to the development of the higher protein, low-fat diet that is nutritious, facilitates sustainable weight loss and is supported by scientific evidence.”


The Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges everyday weight loss

Australia’s tough trainer from The Biggest Loser is once again sharing all of her tips and insight into weight loss. She has just released a new book (her sixth publication) titled Everyday Weight Loss.

This book doesn’t just focus on the “how to” of weight loss, Michelle also offers inspiration, facts about losing kilos and exercise tips.

It’s like having your very own personal training session with Michelle!


The Aussie body

Aussie body diet and detox

A new book set to be released in late February 2013 is Saimaa Miller’s Aussie Body and Detox Plan.

Miller, a well-respected naturopath, takes a different approach to weight loss, promising “seven secrets to optimum”. The book will allow you to determine what kind of detox body you have and then the best approach.

With a slew of celebrity clients (who also offer tips in the book), this one is sure to contain winning tips and advice!


Clean and lean

Clean and lean diert cookbook

The worst bit about dieting is depriving yourself of food. Well don’t worry about that with the Clean & Lean Diet Cookbook. Celebrity personal trainier, James Duigan, continues his no-nonsense approach to weight loss, offering food advice for breakfast, lunch and dinner — including weekly indulgences so you don’t miss out on treating yourself.

One of the most helpful aspects of the clean eating plan is the “Bad, Better and Best” columns that show all of your options when making food decisions.


The Atkins diet

The new Atkins for you diet book

It’s tried and true for many no-carb worshippers. If you think cutting out carbs is the way for you, then you can’t go past getting a copy of the original, Atkins diet books. The New Atkins For A New You will get you started with a two-week plan, introduce you to others who have lost weight by cutting carbs and teach you how to prepare meals that rule out bad starches and bring back in fats.

Atkin’s nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz says on her company blog:

“When you increase your intake of fat in place of carbs, you’ll experience a higher and more consistent energy level. Yes, adequate fat is essential, especially on Atkins, and it will help you achieve your weight loss and weight maintenance goals.”

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