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Post-Christmas detox ideas for lazy people

It’s party season and your body has taken a bit of a battering with free-flowing alcohol, great food and little sleep, and while you know you should do a detox, you just can’t be bothered so we have the lazy way to detoxing your body.

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Partying hard is just what happens over the Christmas and New Year season. With Christmas parties, family catch ups and the feeling of merriness overtaking everything else, it’s easy to indulge and come out the other side feeling a little worse for wear.

For those who aren’t really interested in fancy diets, dedicated exercise or extreme regimes, let’s take a look at some easy ways to detox your body without going to extremes.

Cut the junk

Just because this detox is easy, doesn’t mean it comes without sacrifice. Your body has just spent the entire holiday season absorbing bucket loads of sugary treats and maybe a good share of alcohol, too, so to get your post-Christmas detox underway it’s time to cut it out.

  • Soft drinks are a big no-no. If you must, then choose flavoured carbonated spring water instead.
  • Alcohol is something your body needs a little time out from to detox. A week without will make all the difference to getting back on track.
  • Sugar and carbohydrates are things that need to be consumed in moderation, so lowering your intake just a little and replacing it with more fresh produce is an easy way to help your body.

Embrace the good

You don’t need to live off lettuce and fresh juices to be able to detox, but it’s possible to reduce the bad and increase the good so you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Wholegrains, wheat and oats are a great option to help your detox take place while still enjoying products you love. If you love your carbs, then focus on wholegrain breads and crackers instead of highly processed versions.
  • Good oils can easily replace saturated fats in your diet and make a world of difference to the stress on your body to process them. Replace fatty beef, fried and baked foods with fish to give your body some reprieve. Cook with olive oil, or use it in salad dressings and add in nuts and seeds, with dried fruit for snacks and your body will love you for it.
  • Fruit and vegies are vital for nutrition and health during detox. If you’re short on time to try new ways to cook vegies, or you don’t particularly like fruits, then juice it. Juicing is detox heaven as you can create your own yummy creations. If it’s hot, freeze them into icy poles for an afternoon treat or dessert.
  • Water is something your body can’t do without, so if you loathe drinking it, add a dash of lemon juice, or, if you really can’t stand it, a dash of sugar-free fruit cordial.

Detox doesn’t have to be about extremes, it is as simple as replacing or reducing the bad things we eat and drink that place lots of stress on our body with great things that help the body process and do its job more easily. After just a few days you’ll notice the difference.

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