Celebs with hot bods — and what they do to get it

If you need some serious motivation — or as the cool kids are calling it, “fitspiration” — look no further than these smokin’ celebrities. These talented ladies have some of the most enviable bods in the biz — but they work hard to get them! Here’s what they do.

Need some motivation to get moving this summer? Well, these leading ladies are fit and fabulous, and their exercise routines are truly inspiring. If you want to get your health and fitness back on track for the new year, take a leaf out of these celebrities’ books (and workout routines) and you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling fit.

cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz

This leading lady has an athletic figure that most women would kill for. But Diaz’s lean, taut body is the result of a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and exercise. For her, it really is a lifestyle rather than a chore. In fact, Diaz is known for having one of the most diverse and consistent workout routines in Hollywood. Her trainer, Teddy Bass, gives the movie star high-intensity moves that she can do anywhere. Diaz trains five to six times a week, but likes to mix it up. She’s a fan of Pilates, intervals on the treadmill and the cross trainer and strength training — she regularly does boot-camp style exercises such as throwing tires. Bass helped her to build all that lean muscle through exercises such as plank push ups, medicine ball tosses and mountain climbers. When she’s on holidays, the star stays fit by paddleboarding and playing golf.

miranda kerr

Miranda Kerr

As a Victoria’s Secret model, Kerr is under extreme pressure to have a tight, taut and fit yet feminine body — and she delivers every time. After bouncing back to her pre-baby body just weeks after giving birth, everyone wanted to know how the supermodel did it. While Diaz and Aniston love high-intensity workouts, Kerr prefers gentler exercise to keep her in shape. Along with half an hour of yoga every day, the model works out three to four times a week with her trainer, Justin Gelband, clocking 75 minutes per session. To target all the major muscle groups, Kerr does a circuit which involves 30 minutes on her legs, 30 minutes on her powerhouse core, arms and balance, and 15 minutes on stretching. Her favourite moves include leg extensions, leg presses, calf raises, oblique twists and hip extensions. As if that wasn’t enough, Kerr also jogs 3-4 kilometres once or twice a week.

rosie huntington-whitley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This gorgeous British model is photographed in gym clothes just as much as she is in couture dresses. Huntington-Whiteley leads an extremely healthy lifestyle (inspired by the “Clean and Lean” diet) and is a slave to the gym. What’s refreshing is that she’s the first to admit that she works incredibly hard for her body, and she’s not afraid to walk around LA or New York in sweaty gym gear. The supermodel credits her fit, toned body to regular boxing, cardio and strength training sessions, and she claims that preparing for her role in Transformers started her love affair with stunt training. Huntington-Whiteley has a “no excuses” philosophy and she even has personal trainers in the three cities where she spends the most time: James Duigan in London, Jason Walsh in LA and another trainer in New York.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston

She may be in her 40s, but Jennifer Aniston has a body to rival women half her age. She’s not afraid to admit that she has an intense workout regimen, and it’s clearly paid off: She’s maintained the figure she had back when she was on Friends. Aniston works out six days a week; each session, she does 40 minutes of cardio, and spinning, running and the elliptical machine are her favourite ways to blast calories. But that’s not all. Aniston also does Mandy Ingber’s “yogalosophy” three times a week, a brand of yoga that combines the traditional poses with serious toning exercises. Plie squats, V-ups, planks and plenty of pulses have toned up every single part of Aniston’s body.

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