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New Year’s Eve for two

The new year is nearly here and chances are you’re already wondering which party you’re going to attend. But if you’ve got a special someone in your life, have you considered celebrating with the one you love with a romantic night in?

New years couple kiss

If Christmas is all about family and feasting, then New Year’s Eve is all about the party. But if you’ve got your own fireworks going on at home why not turn the night’s indulgence into a romantic celebration for two? Or if the fireworks aren’t what they used to be, the last night of the year could be the perfect opportunity to rekindle that spark for many years to come.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home doesn’t have to mean watching the 9 p.m. fireworks in your flannies with a bowl of popcorn on your lap. In fact, it could be the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the year to come with an overload of romance, reflections and relationship resolutions. Here are our tips to create the perfect intimate New Year’s Eve celebration for two.


New Year’s Eve is a magical time of year with fireworks and festivities on every corner. If you’re going to celebrate at home you need to make it a night to remember and that means packing away the Christmas decorations early and starting with a clean slate.

If you have a theme in mind for your New Year’s Eve party you can choose decorations to match your theme but if you’re a bit stuck for ideas, here are three suggestions to help you get started:

Wedding bells

weddng rings

Probably the most romantic day of your life was your wedding, right? So if you want to create a New Year’s Eve to remember, why not recreate your wedding? Think back to the colours you chose, the flowers, whether you had candles or fairy lights and build up your party decor from there.

Love is in the air

Setting the mood for romance means choosing decor that’s rich and lush in colour and texture. Deep reds, fragrant roses, candles and luxuriant textiles are a must so embellish your dining room with roses, linens and the scent of vanilla — an aromatic aphrodisiac that has proven to be a powerful stimulant for men by Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Centre.


new years decorationsIf it’s a party you’re after then it’s time to get your sparkle on. Get your guy ready to party with decorations that reflect your fun-loving relationship. Disco balls, piles of shredded tinsel, sparklers and sequins could all make a splash in a celebration that’s sure to sparkle.

Whatever type of decorations you choose, New Year’s Eve is a time to go all out. That means digging out your good silver, setting the table with your wedding crystal and splurging on table linens that match the decor of the night. Remember, special is in the detail!

Quick tip

A nice touch to any decoration would be to create a photo garland of your favourite memories. Not only does it add a special touch but it’s a great conversation starter, too!


If there’s ever a night in when you’re going to dress fancy, this is it. Start from the bottom up and choose some sexy lingerie that makes you feel and look great.

A classic black dress looks great on anyone but whatever you choose to wear, make sure it’s special. If you’re not normally a dress type of girl then your guy will probably love the surprise and effort you’ve put in to look amazing.

Finally, don’t forget the little extras! Pluck your eyebrows, shave your legs, do your hair and use the new year as an excuse to get that manicure/pedicure/facial you’ve been talking about.

champagne with raspberryDevour

While New Year’s Eve isn’t the time to stuff yourself silly you still need to eat. If you’re both foodies, try creating a menu together that you both love but if you’re not much of a cook, don’t panic. Simple appetisers will be enough — just make sure you choose foods that both of you will like.

If you’re stuck for ideas, think back to meals you’ve shared together or choose a cuisine from a place you’ve travelled together.

As for a special touch — try to get your hands on a bottle of your wedding wine or champagne to bring back some romantic memories.


New Year’s Eve is a time for resolutions. If you’ve slipped into the habit of taking each other for granted then the beginning of a new year is a great time to start talking about your dreams for the future.

Spend some time during your celebration to talk about why you are together and what you both want for the future. Keep the discussion light — this isn’t the time to grill your guy about upcoming nuptials or the desire for offspring. But it is a great time to gather a few ideas of how you can make each other feel special over the course of the year to come. You can pop all your dreams for the year into a jar to pick from each month, or gather memories over the year to share on your next special New Year’s Eve celebration for two.

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