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How to deal with your breakup in a positive way

The Chinese use the same word for “crisis” and “opportunity”, and if you let some of that thinking into your mindset you’re sure to come out of the breakup a stronger, wiser and all-round better person.

woman breaking up with her boyfriend

Breakups can be extremely tough, right? All that heartache, all that regret, all that longing. There are copious articles out there that deal with how to begin getting over your breakup, but the difficulty of getting over it depends on a lot of things, from your personality type to how much you depended on your partner.

Whatever the situation, there are ways to limit your suffering and make the most out of an unfortunate situation.

So, what can you do to help yourself cope and make the most of a bad situation?

Spend time with the girls

Nothing helps a breakup quite like spending time with your girlfriends. What’s more, when we’re in relationships it can be easy to neglect them a little bit. As they comfort you while you cry into your cocktail, you’ll begin to realise how special these girls are and how much you value them.

This will allow you to appreciate how close and important other people are to you and, of course, by the end of the night you’ll be fully distracted by laughter that you’ll forget all about your breakup. At least for a short while.


Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins are directly linked to happiness. Instead of moping around with a cup of tea and watching Sleepless In Seattle over and over, why not pop on your tracksuit and go for a jog? Or use some of that money you’re saving now you’re single to join a gym.

You’ll look great, feel great, be healthier and become more confident. The abundance of extra time you seem to have will also be filled by something reliable and routine.

Get that promotion!

Throw yourself into work with a zealousness that Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada, remember?) would admire.

It’s easy to become complacent with things in your life when your relationship has been going comfortably for a while. A breakup can be an opportunity to switch gears, get your head down and achieve all those things you wished for yourself when you started out.

Find a hobby

This is an unrivalled opportunity to meet new people and explore your interests. You have more spare time than you know what to do with, so if you always dreamed of being an artist, or see yourself as the next Steven Spielberg, join a class. You’ll not only learn a lot more about yourself by doing something you’re passionate about, you’ll also be meeting new people all the time.

See the world

Travel, if you can afford it or get away from work, is one of the best ways to move on from a breakup. Call it escapism if you will, but we prefer to look at it as diving head first into the beautiful, enchanting world of experience.

Sure, as soon as you hop on the plane your problems won’t disappear, but travel offers new perspectives, distance and some much-needed “you” time. And quite possibly cocktails and dancing on a beautiful beach as the sun sets, which is exactly what you deserve.

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