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6 Mood-boosting ways to prep for summer

Summer will be here before you know it. The warm summer weather and all the fun that comes with it are just what you need to lift your spirits.

Boost your mood for summertime
Happy woman eating mango

Get prepared for summer fun with these mood boosters.


Eat tropical fruits

The Australian climate cultivates delectable tropical fruits that will put you in the mood for summer. From sweet pineapple to large passionfruit and juicy papaya to Queensland mangoes, you’ll love them all. In addition to being delicious, they are full of healthy antioxidants and mood-boosting nutrients. It’s a great time to give your whole diet an overhaul. Stop skipping breakfast and begin your day with a healthy meal every morning. Skipping breakfast affects you physically and emotionally. You become more sluggish, lose your concentration and feel out of sorts all day.


Reorganise your wardrobe

Get ready for fun in the summer sun by reorganising your wardrobe. Toss aside all your uggies and jumpers to make room for cotton dresses, sunnies and thongs. Do some spring cleaning, get organised and prepare for a fresh start to the summer. Get rid of any clothes that you don’t wear anymore due to the garments being too small (or too large), out of style or just beyond repair. Donate or reuse whatever you can before throwing them in the rubbish.


Bring a little nature indoors

Bring some summer colour, fragrance and harmony into your home or workplace with flowers. Floral bouquets are wonderful mood enhancers and a terrific way to bring a little bit of nature indoors. Look for fresh flowers in an assortment of summer colours. You can also brighten up your home and your mood by incorporating some new decor. Beachy accent pieces, such as shells, can be a nice addition. Also consider painting an accent wall in your home in a fresh summer colour — like sea blue or sunny yellow.


Splurge on yourself

Head to the shopping centre and buy yourself something new just for summer. Even if your bum is a bit out of shape, a new bathing suit may be just the thing to boost your mood and help you prep for summertime. You can find bathers that will look great no matter what your body type. Also shop for fun sun hats or a pair of new trendy sunnies.


Find exercise you enjoy

Many of us don’t exercise as much during the winter months, so now that summer is almost here, it’s time to get back into a daily fitness routine. Even though most of us dread going to the gym, exercise is actually a wonderful mood enhancer. It increases mood-boosting hormones and improves self-esteem. Don’t force yourself to hit the footpath every morning for a run if you hate it. Experiment with other forms of exercise instead — try Zumba classes, go swimming or play tennis.


Turn up the music

Listening to music can have a very powerful effect on your mood, triggering vivid memories and promoting nostalgic feelings. Get ready for summer and boost your mood by listening to your favourite summer tunes. Pick music with an upbeat rhythm and melody or songs that remind you of your childhood summers.

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