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Krill oil: Hype or helpful?

Like in fashion, we often see fads and hype in health. At the moment, everywhere you look someone is praising the good word about Krill Oil. Here’s the scoop on the latest oil to grace our shelves.

Is Krill oil right for you?
Krill oil

The good oil

Krill oil is a super rich nutrient taken from the tiny crustacean (of the same name) found in Antarctic waters. It is currently loved because it has highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids, contains an antioxidant and choline (part of the B-complex vitamins group), and is easy for the body to absorb.

Qualified Naturopath, author, and someone called The Health Queen, Sam Beau Patrick, is a fan of Krill oil.

“Krill oil can help with or prevent heart disease, depression, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and some cancers,” said Patrick.

“It can assist with inflammation such as bone or joint issues, and is great for post-menopausal symptoms such as heart flutters.”

Fans also enthuse that it is a more ecological choice than standard fish oil, as Krill has one of the largest populations on Earth, far exceeding the human race.

Krill oil vs. fish oil

Patrick definitely picks Krill oil over fish oil for a number of reasons including its unique composition.

“Krill oil contains a natural anti-oxidant so it is less likely to go off while sitting on your shelf,” she said.

Krill oil is also known to be easier for the body to absorb and packed with a greater punch, meaning a smaller dose is required.

Picking a product

So we know its benefits but how do we know if one box of Krill oil is better than the other?

Patrick recommends you seek professional advice before hitting the local supermarket.

“I’m a big fan of people seeking official advice on what their body needs. If you are going to go to a store, try health food stores where you can find practitioner recommended products.”

Other Oils

Krill oil is just one oil you may want to consider including in your diet. Patrick’s other healthy oil suggestions include:

Coconut Oil – In your diet or straight on to your skin, this oil is great for smooth skin and a healthy brain. It can also assist your thyroid and heart function. Coconut is a great cooking alternative to olive oil, which loses its beneficial properties at high heat.

Flaxseed Oil – In liquid form or seeds, flaxseed is very good for women’s health, particularly in balancing oestrogen.

Evening primrose oil – A beautiful addition for any woman suffering from hormone imbalance or PMS symptoms such as tender breasts.

*Please seek professional advice to determine the best nutritional diet and supplements for you.

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