How to extend the “honeymoon” phase

Most relationships have a “honeymoon” phase, those first few months when the conversation is flowing, the flirting is hot, the romance is alive and the sex is new and exciting. There’s no reason to settle down so quickly – here are some tips to help extend the honeymoon phase and keep things interesting.

Happy couple

The “honeymoon” phase usually refers to the first three months of a new relationship, where the romance, intimacy, passion and communication are at an all-time high. Everything is a novelty, as you’re both getting to know the other person in every way. It’s the fun and memorable stage of a relationship, and after it, couples tend to settle down into the routine of being together. When the fun stuff disappears, the relationship goes stale and that’s when problems – namely, boredom – can start to crop up.

Take mini-breaks

In keeping with the honeymoon theme, go for mini-holidays with your partner. Even a weekend away can do wonders, as you will have that time alone to really connect. That time is a gift, as many of us can get so caught up in the daily grind that we neglect our partners and start to take them for granted. When you’re planning an escape with your lover, half the fun is choosing where to go. Try and pick a place that you haven’t been to before, as this will rekindle that feeling of newness you had when you first started dating. Another good move is for one person to surprise the other with a destination. If it’s your turn to plan the break, just give your other half an idea of what to pack and have fun skirting – and flirting – around the questions!

Have date nights

Remember when you first starting going out and getting ready for a date got your heart racing? Romance is responsible for that giddy feeling we have when we’re with someone new and it’s so important to make sure it doesn’t fade away. The good news is, it’s easy to inject some romance back in the relationship. After the first few months, set down two or three “date nights” a week and you’ll find yourself looking forward to them. As for what to do, your options are endless. Going out for dinner or dessert at a super fancy restaurant or your favourite low-key place are fail-safe options, as are twilight walks and checking out a show. Anything to get you talking or snuggling is sure to be a winner!

Give gifts for no reason

A sure-fire way to make your other half feel special is to surprise them with a present for absolutely no reason at all other than to show that you were thinking of them. Of course, your gifts don’t have to be anything big or expensive – it could be something as simple as a tie or makeup. You know when you walk past a shop, see something in a window, and think to yourself, “wow, he would love that?” Well, go in and buy it. Men usually pick up a lot of the slack when it comes to romance, planning dates and paying bills at the start of a relationship, so it’s up to us girls to make him feel like a prince sometimes too.

Take on a sex challenge

If you both have insatiable sexual appetites (or if you’re trying to heat up your sex life), commit to trying something new in the bedroom every day for a month. It could be anything from a new position to introducing toys – use your imagination! You’ll both have so much fun experimenting and thinking of the next thing to try. Kick up that feeling of longing and desire a notch by teasing each other during the day – a simple text or email saying that you’re thinking of them or can’t wait to see them will do the trick.

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