10 Ways to get healthy and happy in time for summer

Summer is right around the corner. If you have put on a few kilos or fallen into some bad habits, you still have time to get healthy and happy in time for summer.

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Start drinking more water

Drink eight glasses of water each day to keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins. When you drink more water, your skin will look better, you’ll tend to eat less and you will feel much healthier.

Stop skipping breakfast

Maybe it’s laziness. Maybe we think we don’t have time. Maybe it’s because we think we’ll lose weight. Whatever the reason you have been skipping breakfast — stop doing it. Skipping meals deprives you of valuable nutrients and causes you to overeat at the next meal. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and eat several small meals throughout the day instead of just a couple of large ones.

Find exercise you love

Not many people love going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you need to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Kick-start your fitness routine by searching for a type of exercise you love. Maybe it’s swimming or boxing or Zumba classes. If you love it, do it at least every other day. If you don’t, look for other exercise that interests you.

Stop looking at the scale

Weighing yourself every day (or several times a day) isn’t going to make you lose weight any faster. In fact, it’s just going to stress you out. The scale isn’t the only way to tell if you are getting healthier. Look at how your clothes fit and how your body feels, rather than obsessing about the number on the scale.

Eat your vegetables

Sure, vegetables don’t taste as great as a slice of cheesecake but they are much better for your health. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, vegetables should be a big part of your daily diet. Try to fill half your plate with veggies.

Get moving

If you spent the winter months on the couch in front of the TV, it’s time to get moving and get in shape for the summer. You don’t need to become a fitness fanatic overnight. Instead, start incorporating exercise into you daily routine. Start taking the stairs instead of the lift. Go for walks with your family after dinner.

Eat healthy snacks

Contrary to what you might think, snacking is good for you — as long as you pick the right snacks. Ditch the cookies and chips and start eating things like berries — which are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. Find snacks that fill you up — like a small bowl of healthy cereal and skim milk in the afternoon, rather than just a handful of granola.

Set realistic goals

Losing 30 kilos over the next month isn’t realistic. However, a goal to exercise five days a week or lose 10 kilos by Christmas is definitely within your reach. Make your goals in positive statements — for example, “I will eat more vegetables” not “I will not eat chocolate.”

Scratch something off your bucket list

Achieving your goals can make you happy — and we aren’t talking about your weight loss goals. Make it a priority to do something fun or challenging on your bucket list before the summer begins.

Get rid of toxic relationships

Your health isn’t all physical. Your emotional wellbeing is important too. Get happy and healthy by removing toxic relationships and negative people from your life. If you’ve been in an unhappy relationship for a while with no chance of it getting better, it’s time to move on. And remember, toxic relationships aren’t just the romantic ones — it could be time to get rid of some of your toxic “friends” too.

Quick tip

Make it a habit to drink a full glass of water before each meal, plus eat a salad every day before lunch and dinner. You’ll eat much less because you’ll feel full and satisfied.

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