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Double-duty herbs

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning that herb garden. Why not double up on the benefits of your edible garden with herbs that will ease ailments naturally?

Ease ailments naturally
Herb garden

We all know Spring is the perfect time to lay a new garden bed or pot tantilising herbs, but this season take green matters to the next level and plant herbs that won’t just add to your cooking repertoire but will also boost your health the natural way.


It’s more famous cousin, the onion, may make you cry, but the subtle chive will make you and your doctor happy as it has properties that are known to help reduce blood pressure. It also contains vitamin A.


Lost your appetite or tummy playing up? Down some dill to quickly ease your stomach issues. You could steep it in a tea, but if you go with its best culinary pairing of salmon, you’ll also get some omega-3 in your diet!

Lemon balm

This zingy little herb is like the Swiss army knife of the herb world. A warm cup of lemon balm tea is known to help with cold or flu fevers and can soothe away the blues. A few crushed leaves can also be applied straight onto insect bites or grazes.


Once the ancient Greek symbol for peace, marjoram can bring great harmony to your body. Eaten fresh it is packed full of vitamin C, so will help boost your immune system. It’s also rich in vitamin K, which is believed to be a key in building healthy bones.


This well-known herb isn’t just great in a mojito, it can also help when it comes to digestion and lowering cholesterol. The oil found in mint (menthol) has also been used as a mild painkiller, so maybe add a leaf or two to a lemon tea when ill.


Don’t think of this as just a poor garnish. Let it take the spotlight in your diet and the benefits will be healthy teeth and gums (it’s particularly helpful in cleansing the mouth after a garlic-filled meal). It also contains fibre, essential for preventing constipation.


In Australia we love it with lamb, but rosemary is also a favourite because it’s rich in folate – a must for women trying to conceive or already pregnant. Many also believe rosemary contains properties that help with healthy glowing skin.


Feeling sad, depressed or just foggy headed? Try a sage tea infusion, known for its revitalising properties. It also contains much-needed antioxidants.

Sweet Basil

There are many basil varieties but if you go for the sweet kind your tummy may just thank you. Sweet basil can help reduce bloating by fighting gas, cramps, nausea and indigestion. It can be eaten fresh in salads, pastas or sauces.


Should you fall ill with a cold, cough, throat infection or laryngitis, be sure to cook hearty pots of chicken soup with the antiseptic thyme. Freeze extra batches that you can quickly re-heat when nasty germs hit your household.

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