Pain relief during pregnancy

Pregnancy and discomfort are, unfortunately, very good friends. Right from the get go in that first trimester you may suffer from headaches, cramping and bloating and as your pregnancy progresses so does the long list of ailments, ligament pain and backache to the point where you are ready to pull your hair out and scream “Get this kid out of me now!”

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However, when it’s no longer just general discomfort and pain sets in there is no need to be a martyr and soldier on. Ignoring pain whilst pregnant may increase your anxiety and lead to depression. This is not healthy for you or your unborn baby.

Thankfully there are many safe pain relief options available when you’re pregnant.

Heat packs

The power of heat is amazing, so don’t discount it. Having a good quality wheat bag/heat pack or hot water bottle in the house can do wonders for your pain. Nothing will take that backache or round ligament pain away quicker than a warm compress. Just be careful that it is not too hot as we tend to lose a little of our sensation when pregnant.

Don’t have a heat pack handy? Jump in a warm shower or end your day with a nice warm bubble bath. This will help you sleep, too.

Herbal remedies

It is always best to try and relieve pain and discomfort during pregnancy using natural methods where possible. There are many herbal remedies out there but some are not deemed safe during pregnancy so please always check with a health professional first. However, Bach’s Rescue Remedy is one natural lifesaver that can calm mild tension headaches, relieve anxiety and help with insomnia too.

Quick tip:

These garments can be of great benefit postnatally, too. They can ease your back pain and streamline your figure to help get you into your pre-pregnancy jeans in a flash.

Compression wear

As you approach your third trimester, the pregnancy waddle sets in and you can no longer see your feet, you may find wearing a compression garment such as compression shorts extremely helpful. This will ease your lower back pain and provide your gorgeous belly and hips with much needed pelvic support. Plus, you will find that they are incredibly comfortable!


Paracetamol is a safe pain reliever you can take throughout your pregnancy. It can be used to relieve headaches, fever and general aches and pains.

NSAIDs, aspirin and opiates

While NSAIDs, aspirin and opiates all have their own risks when taken during pregnancy, sometimes they’re the only things that work. Before self-prescribing though,  please see your doctor if your pain cannot be relieved by one of the above methods.

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