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Best workouts to reach your body goal

Whether your goal is to tone up, get fit or improve your health, we talk you through the best workouts and exercises to get you there. From lifting weights to yoga, find the right exercise for you.


Just as we all have different body shapes and sizes, we all have different body and fitness goals, too. While some women strive to increase their fitness, others want to tone up, while others simply wish to improve their overall health. No matter which goal you hold, you can achieve them all with these fun and simple workout routines.

Exercises to tone up

Dreaming of toned legs and arms, a tight butt and a six-pack? Well, a clever way to tone the body is to invest in a set of dumb bells — or simply use props around the house — and set aside a bit of time each day to work your muscles.

  • For toned arms, you can try a few quick exercises to work all areas. To work the biceps, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the weights with your arms hanging down by your sides. Bend your elbows and bring your arms forward so the weights are at shoulder height and your arms are folded up. Repeat.
  • To work the triceps, lie on your back on a bench and raise the weights so they push into the sky and are aligned with your shoulders, with your palms facing inwards. Lower them towards your head so that your elbows make a 90 degree angle and your forearms are parallel to your body.
  • To tone your legs, lie on your side with your legs straight and hold your top leg out in front. Point your toes and move your leg up and down without touching the ground.
  • And of course to work the butt, the tried and tested squats are winners, while sit-ups will work those abs.

Sports to increase fitness

Cardio workouts basically help strengthen the heart and increase your fitness and endurance. Exercise that gets your blood pumping and heart racing — like jogging, cycling and aerobics classes — will work your cardiovascular system and help boost your fitness.

Exercise to improve general health

If you’re looking to calm your mind, release toxins and give your body a gentle workout, an exercise class like yoga or Pilates could be perfect for you. Alternatively, save your pennies and enjoy a stroll around your neighbourhood, park or beach, or swim a few easy laps in the local pool.

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