10 Health and fitness blogs we love

Do you need some fitness motivation to get up off the couch? Maybe you are embarking on a new weight loss journey or just want to be healthier? We found some enthusiastic, dedicated bloggers who just might be that extra spark you need to get up and do it.

The Wellness Warrior

Meet Jessica Ainscough, wearer of many hats. At the age of 22, Jessica found out her left arm and shoulder were riddled with cancers and was told that her only option was to amputate. Jessica decided not to accept that and, instead of following that course of treatment, she changed her diet, detoxified her body and mind and started taking better emotional care of herself. Her blog is about providing hope and encouraging people to treat their bodies and minds with kindness.

Vegan Sparkles

Rebecca Weller (but you can call her Bex) labels herself a “holistic health coach”, a “plant-boosted vibrancy maven” and a “sparkle igniter”. If that’s not enough to pique your curiosity, we don’t know what is. Bex’s blog is all about inspiring women to be happier and healthier and she just wants to help them find their sparkle again. Something tells us she’s quite successful at that.

Sarah Wilson

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Wilson, get yourself to her blog now. Sarah has appeared on a number of TV shows — ranging from MasterChef to 60 Minutes. She is the former editor of Cosmo and has been involved in everything from “politics, healthy advocacy, restaurant reviewing, opinion writing and trend forecasting”. If you’re looking to transform your life by quitting sugar, Sarah is the woman you want; she knows all about that and has a best-selling book to prove it.


Croakey is a great place to learn more about health issues and policy, and a great forum for discussion. The blog is moderated by Melissa Sweet, a freelance journalist who has been covering health and medical issues since the late 1980s. Her writing appears in a wide range of professional and general publications, and she is particularly interested in the areas of public health, equity-related issues, mental health, rural health, media and health, Indigenous health, health policy, conflicts of interest, consumer participation in decision-making, evidence-based care and quality and safety issues. There are regular contributors to the discussion including members of the Crikey Health and Medical Panel. This post about how pets can affect our health gave us something to think about.

Sarah Stewart

Sarah is a nurse and midwife who has over 30 years of clinical and education experience. She now works as facilitator, researcher, educator, project manager and consultant specializing in eLearning, social media, networked learning, professional development and mentoring. Her blog is full of great medical topics, as well as an interesting mix of talk about teaching and learning, social networking, midwifery, gardening and anything else she decides to write about. This post about “birthzillas” was an interesting discussion written in a thoughtful manner.


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