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Interpret your dreams

Been dreaming sweetly or suffering from nightmares? From cheating to flying, find out what your dreams mean with this easy dream decoder!

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While you may simply brush off your dreams or nightmares as your imagination going haywire, some people believe that the key symbols in dreams (e.g. a snake or flying) are actually your subconscious trying to tell you something. These symbols might make you feel a certain way (e.g. scared or sentimental), help you come up with a solution to your problem or convey a particularly personal meaning. Because dreams and the symbols within them are so individual, you are the very best person to interpret your own dreams. But you can’t decode the dream’s meaning from one symbol alone. The many different symbols and feelings you experienced throughout the dream have to be considered before you can analyse how you think they may apply to your life and/or problems and decisions you’re battling with.

If you want to analyse your dreams, we’ve listed some of the key symbols and their common meanings below. Start decoding your dreams and you may just come up with the solutions to your problems!


To dream that you’ve caused an accident may mean that you’re dealing with pent-up guilt or a mistake you’ve made. Car accidents can symbolise your emotional state, so this may mean that you’re pushing yourself too hard in your waking life. Accident dreams can send a message to be careful, whether that means holding your tongue in an argument or booking your car in for an overdue service.


This dream can symbolise that you’re particularly happy or satisfied with a certain situation in your life or you’re expecting a positive outcome from something. Conversely, dreaming of failure can send the message that you’re going about something the wrong way. Your dream’s message? Try another approach.


If you’re the backstabber in your dream, it may be time to consider if you’ve been too ruthless in your waking life. Conversely, if you’re the victim in the dream, it may mean that you’ve been feeling insecure about something in reality.


If you dreamt that you cheated on your partner or husband, it may mean that you’ve been feeling sexually frustrated or that you’re involved in some dubious activities in your real life. If you had a dream that your partner cheated on you, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s happened or is going to happen in real life. The symbolism behind this dream points to your insecurities and fears of being left behind or not measuring up to others.


Dreaming of a loved one’s death can mean that some part of your personality has “died.” Think about what that person represents to you or what their most noticeable personality traits are, and this may be the facet of your own personality that you’re losing. Alternatively, this kind of dream can sometimes also mean that your relationship with that person is under pressure in real life and you may feel distant from them. The death of a child, as awful as the experience may be, can simply symbolise that you have recently — or need to — become more mature.


If your family features in your dream, then whatever they represent to you in your waking life is what that dream is trying to tell you. That might mean that you’re in a safe, secure stage of life, or it may mean that you’re battling with jealousy and bitterness. This applies to your family as a whole as well as individual family members, depending on how these people appeared in your dream. If they were acting or looked out of character, then this could mean that you’re feeling distant or want distance from them.


If you were feeling confident and happy as you flew in your dream, this may mean that you’re feeling free in a specific area of your life where you previously felt constrained.

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