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5 Winter workout ideas

Cooler temperatures don’t have to trap you in the boredom of a gym routine: tips to help you put some pep into your winter workouts!


In colder months it’s very tempting to sit inside and skip your regular workout. The gym can be boring and lacks fun, but there are many alternative ways to get your exercise. Try something different to put the pep back into your step and bring fresh appeal to your winter workout.


Who says you have to use the treadmill or stairstepper in a gym? Take a brisk walk at the mall and enjoy the window shopping opportunity while you’re there. The weather won’t be an issue! Use a step counter to see how far you can walk in a day, and keep trying to increase and beat your own record. Take a walk with your family after dinner, or take your dog for a walk — or a run — in the park.

Frosty activities

Book a weekend at the snow this winter! Have a snowball fight or go sledding with the kids, go snowboarding or skiing. Find a friend to accompany you and go ice skating. You may not be able to pull off a triple lutz, but you’ll have plenty of fun trying and it’s great cardio. Get snowshoes to trek through the snow. When there’s snow, you’ll work harder against the resistance.


Try a workout video or fitness game such as Wii Fitness. There are lots of video options, so you can choose from aerobics or “dancing to the oldies,” or try out Pilates, yoga or Zumba. The variety will keep it fresh and fun while it helps keep you moving even on cold, gray days.


Jump rope! You can do this excercise almost anywhere and jumping rope for five minutes straight is a real cardio workout. Have your kids time you with a stopwatch and gradually build up your endurance and increase the minutes. Climb some stairs. Find a multi-story building in your area and run the stairs. For one full month, don’t use elevators or escalators. You’ll get stronger and more fit every time you climb.

Change it up

If you use a gym or fitness centre, vary your routine during the winter. Swim in the pool, take a group class or play some raquetball. As soon as you feel yourself becoming bored with your normal routine, switch it up and try something new. If you always run on the treadmill, bundle up in several light layers that can be shed as you warm up and head for the outdoor track at a nearby school. The fresh air can be envigorating and the change of scenery will do you good.

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