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Make working out fun

Workout routines can get dull and boring, but switching it up can put the pep back into your exercise regime!

Group workout

Need a way to put some fun into the routine of your workout? We all know that exercise is a pillar of longevity with numerous benefits: weight management, heart health, more energy, less stress and reduced risk of chronic illness. If you’re having difficulty keeping to an exercise regimen, putting more fun into it will help get you — and keep you — on track.

Buddy up

Working out with a friend is always more lively. Choose someone with a lot of energy who you will look forward to spending some time with. Having a partner you really like will help you stay on schedule and not be tempted to skip the workout.


Put the play back into exercise with a sport. Tennis, golf, soccer, raquetball,  softball, skiing or snowboarding are great workouts, but you’ll have so much fun playing that it won’t seem like work. Try something totally new. Sign up for lessons — you’ll learn a new skill and meet new people while you find out how to chip onto the green!

Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life so vary your workouts. If you always jog on the treadmill, take it outdoors and enjoy some fresh air as you put in your distance. Take a break from the weights and opt for a Pilates class. As soon as you start feeling bored with your regular workout, make a switch to keep if fresh, interesting and challenging.

Group fitness

Find an interesting class to take: yoga, aerobics or Zumba. You’ll meet new people and have an instructor to help you learn and maintain the enthusiasm. Shop around for a class. Many will let you try them out before committing. You’re looking for a fun way to feel the burn in a social setting that feels right to you. If you like the instructor and the other members of the class, sign up!

Go shopping

That’s right! Treat yourself to some new running or walking shoes, or purchase some cute workout clothes that don’t bind, are in great colours and patterns and make you feel great. A new shirt or pair of running shorts will lift your mood and help make you eager to dress and head for your workout.

Audio books

Make your time on the treadmill or running path fly by — listen to a bestseller audio book while you run. This way, when it’s time to put in your miles you’ll be looking forward to finding out what happens in the next chapter!

Fitness games

Video systems like Xbox and Kinect have great fitness games and workouts you can do right at home using the movements of your body as the controller. Get a dance theme and boogie away with the whole family. Once you have your moves down, take a dance class… they’re excellent workouts.

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