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No kids date night ideas for couples

Concentrate on your connection on date night! Schedule a kid-free date night for shared leisure time and rekindling romance. Parents that play together stay together…

Date night with your hubby

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or head for an exotic location to reconnect with your honey! With the busy lives we lead, it’s important that parents find a “kid-free” zone and concentrate on each other, strengthening their relationship with a regularly scheduled date night. More important than what you do is the fact that you do something together. Time spent nurturing your relationship is always well spent, so pick a date night — weekly or monthly — and keep the bonds strong and secure.

Getting out there

Find a babysitter and have a night out without the kids. Try live entertainment at a concert or bar, a theater production — or for some sexy fun, listen to a jazz band at a club or go dancing together. How about some stargazing at the local planetarium, or from a picnic blanket on a hillside with a bottle of wine to share? If evenings don’t work for you currently, try brunch at an elegant restaurant. Prices are normally more affordable than dinners and babysitters are easier to book. Don’t let scheduling difficulties derail your dates!

Pick up some favourite take-out food and head to the drive-in movie to neck like teenagers. Dress up in your best and sip a cocktail together in the lounge of an elegant hotel. Watch the sunset together, then linger over a steamy, creamy latte at a coffee bar. Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows while pretending you’re alone together deep in the woods. Go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, walk on the beach at sunset, skip the costly dinner and opt for a chocolate indulgence — champagne and dessert at a small bistro.

Home alone

Send the kids off to grandmas for the night or wait until they’re tucked in and sleeping to begin your date. Not every date has to be away from home when there’s plenty of opportunity for romance and relaxation right where you live! Get up early to watch the sunrise together and fix a leisurely breakfast — to eat in bed. Have a movie marathon with some favorite flicks. Just rent some DVDs and snuggle up for a night on the couch. Read a book together — one with steamy love scenes might inspire you. Gather up photos and make a scrapbook together. Looking through the pictures will bring back a flood of special memories. Get out the fondue pot and have a private feast…gooey, delicious and sexy when you feed each other! Make a finger-food dinner to nibble on in front of the fire. Take a bubble bath for two with candles and wine. Play strip poker… or strip Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Sorry. Take turns massaging each other: the real deal with sweet-scented oils and warm towels to wrap up in, then shower together and cuddle in bed.

Time spent playing and relaxing with your partner keeps love alive and strong!

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