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What not to say to your new partner’s relatives!

Meeting your partner’s mum and dad for the first time? Whatever you do, don’t let any of the following escape your lips: if you do, it’s a surefire way to turn a once-blissful romance into a sour affair.

young couple on bench with parentsPlease pass the salt

Some cooks are very sensitive, and asking for salt may translate to: “This food is so bland I need to douse it in seasoning.” We know it’s hard, but literally try to swallow your words on this one and compliment the meal as is.

You were gorgeous back then

Going over to his parents house means you’ll probably get a chance to see cute baby pictures of your love and old photos of his creators. Saying how good-looking either of his parents were 40 years ago compared to now might not go over great. Instead, try something more related to their son, such as, “Wow, I can really see where Chris gets his eyes in this picture!”

This house must have cost a fortune

If your partner’s parents are fortunate enough to live in luxury, you can make polite comments, but direct them at the décor, not the price tag. Money is a dicey area for many people, and it’s not a topic you necessarily want to open up at the get-go. Would you want them to ask you how much your apartment cost?

I can’t wait to get married

Even if your partner’s parents would sacrifice a rugby world cup win to get their son to settle down soon, they’ll get suspicious if you start dropping wedding hints too soon. Mums especially are on high alert for gold-diggers or any woman who seems to be after their sons for something more than love, so watch your words here.

It’s not like that today

Don’t offend them by suggesting they don’t know what’s “in”, or what’s common or correct, today compared to when they first started dating. They know the times have changed — they don’t need to hear a litany of comments about why it’s okay for women to chase the men, have one-night stands or out-earn their husbands. Save the heated debates for when they’re actually your in-laws.

Money doesn’t matter to me

If you have to say that, then it does.

I see why it took him/her so long to move out!

Again, you can laud his parents and their home in other ways that don’t involve you saying something that could be construed as offensive. A comment like this says two things: that your partner is lacking in some way because he left the nest late, and that his parents — mostly his mum — treat him like a child.

We’re moving in together

Even if it’s true, hold onto this information until you absolutely can’t any longer!

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