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4 New sex ideas to change your routine

You don’t have to do crazy moves only a circus performer can do or have sex in the woods to rev up your bedroom routine. Simply make a few tweaks, and you’ll rekindle the passion of the early days of your romance. Read on to find new ideas to change up your sex routine

couple having sex

Act like strangers

Lust is borne from the new. Acting like you and your partner have never met will renew your attraction to each other. Meeting in a bar or restaurant can be super hot, according to FHM Australia. Behave like you’re trying to pick each other up, then lay on the dirty talk. You’ll be lucky to even make it back to your house to get it on.

Stop making love

Soft, gentle sex can be beautiful and bonding. But always acting like that in the bedroom puts a lid of your carnal side, the part of us that wants to root like animals. Tying each other up, pinning down arms and getting it on with your clothes still on convey a sense of urgency and lust that is super-hot. Add in some dirty talk, biting and scratching and commands, and you’ll totally cave to the heat of the moment.

Try a different time of day Australia suggests changing the time at which you have sex is a minor tweak that can make a big difference. If you usually do it at night, try it in the morning. If you always make love after dinner, try as soon as you get in from work, while you’re business clothes are still on. Anything that will break up your normal routine will add richness to your bedroom repertoire.

Try one new thing each week

It can be sex in a different spot, wearing lingerie or using handcuffs — any new wrinkle will do. Have a quickly, transform your prim and proper bedroom into a seedy motel room send a dirty text, says Australian publication The Mercury. Each week, have a different thing in mind to try.

How to revive your sex drive gives the scoop on how to put the spark back into your relationship.

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