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Old fashion love tips from your grandma

You may think your nan’s days of romance are too far back to be of use today. But experienced women know a thing — or five — about finding love and keeping it. Want to find out what kind of love advices grandma can offer? Read on and find love tips directly from grandma!

couple cuddling1Apologise and move on

Holding onto grudges or starting the same fights over and over will stop your relationship in its tracks, according to an article on long-term love on Australian site Sign of the Times. Even if you don’t think you’re wrong, acknowledging that you hurt your partner can make all the difference.

2Step in your partner’s shoes

Feelings are never “wrong” — just different from yours, perhaps. Don’t accuse your love of being foolish or incorrect in his views. Instead, step back and imagine how they are seeing the situation.

Dont try to twist your partner’s words or turn the situation around to make yourself look like the victim. Strip the emotion from your partner’s words and take them at face value.

3Put your commitment first

In researching long-term couples, Victoria-based psychologist Meredith Fuller says those who put their marriage above all other priorities come out on top.

“You can still work towards your goals, but maybe they will take longer to achieve, because right now you choose to help your husband study for a post grad course, or delay moving interstate so he can care for his elderly father,” she says on the web site KidSpot.

4Like and respect each otheer

Fuller adds that simply liking and respecting your partner goes further than having constant passion and excitement. That’s because the former is more consistent and provides better ingredients for long-term health and happiness.

5Have things you do together

Every union needs autonomy, but couples who’ve made it through 40, 50 or 60 years of marriage know that it’s the stuff done together provides the glue that keeps the bond together. Create rituals such as cooking breakfast together every Saturday morning or going on a nightly stroll around the neighbourhood. These things can be simple, as long as they’re done hand-in-hand.

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