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5 Reasons why sister workouts are the best workouts

Jaclyn Lexie Sperduto

We recently launched Jac and Lex, a healthy food and exercise blog where we share our take on healthy recipes, fun workouts and tips on our approach to living a healthy life. We came up with the slogan “looks good, tastes good, feels good” to summarize our attempt to make food that looks and tastes good, and in turn makes you feel good.



t The “looks and feels good” can also be applied to what we hope to achieve through various workout routines and fitness activities. While our blog is devoted to overall wellness and we take it very seriously, we are still human. We consume sugar in moderation, drink margaritas on sunny days and eat pasta when we are home with the family (because our Italian dad refuses not to cook it… and it’s delicious). We also can always appreciate a good laugh at ourselves. With the abundance of workout routines at our fingertips on all social media accounts, we are constantly finding new fitness trends that we want to try. Lex finds a crazy yoga position that resembles a twisted pretzel and Jac finds a kickboxing routine that looks like a Beyonce music video. And that is why we absolutely love working out together.



tHere are our 5 favorite reasons for sister workouts:

1. We feel comfortable enough to push each other when we’re slacking

t All sisters compete, whether intentionally or not; there are certain things that we just have to prove we are better at. Something along the lines of “If you don’t come, I’ll be in better shape than you!” will have her jumping (literally) into her spandex in no time. We use the competitive technique to make sure we are challenging and motivating each other during the winter especially, when workout slack starts to kick in and weight gain starts to creep up on you.

2. Kill two birds with one jog

t A low-intensity workout such as a slow run or speed walk is a great time to chat and catch up. We use this time to plan her wedding, plan her wedding and/or plan her wedding! Jac prefers a speed walk and Lex prefers a slow run, so we usually try to meet in the middle by doing intervals between the two.

    3. We can do those cool stretch poses

    t You know, the ones that you need two people for, but wouldn’t dare ask a stranger on the running path or at the gym to try with you. For example, the stretch where one person lays on the ground, and the other pushes one of your legs towards your head has always looked somewhat sexual to us. We might be slightly immature in that sense, but doing it with your sister is a lot less awkward than with a random (really hot) trainer at the gym.

    4. “Let’s run at sunset along the water!”

    t We have a personal photographer for that great workout pic (that we were pre-planning to post on Insta) in our new Lululemon gear! And because we will unwillingly agree to as many retakes as each of us asks for (knowing that she will need you to do the same after), we capture the best moment and have to work (out) for it.

    5. We learn new workouts

    t Because we always have to do what our sister is doing, we can share new workout routines that one of us has tried and enjoyed, and teach each other how to do them. “I’ve been #seltering and my butt’s looking great these days!” When she asks “what’s seltering?” we can accuse her of being soooo behind on social media and then nicely show her how to do a donkey kick which was used to create Instagram phenomenon Jen Selter’s famous booty.


    t Humor aside, we are comfortable enough with each other to try the most embarrassing looking moves, chat and/or argue while doing them, and laugh with each other if we fail and/or fall. Best friend workouts could potentially have the same benefits, but she has to be your absolute best friend. We motivate each other to try new things, while removing the insecurities of doing something wrong and after a trial and error of new moves, and we can bring the successful ones into our individual workout regimens. So grab your sister or best friend, start experimenting and enjoy a good laugh at yourselves while doing it. We also heard that laughing burns calories, so there’s one last benefit!


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