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3 Real-life couples who prove vacation romance can go the distance

You never know when you’ll meet the person you’re meant to be with, and it could just be on your next vacation!


tIn the digital age it sometimes seems true romance is fleeting, and people are opting to pre-screen and check off boxes in hopes of finding their perfect match. But sometimes when you least expect it, things just happen! Here are three love stories (from the ladies’ point of view) of couples who met while traveling.

1. Tiffany and Justin: Croatian crush


Image: Tiffany and Justin

t “In June 2012, Justin and I met while on holiday in Croatia. He’s from Australia but was living in London, and I was living in my hometown of San Francisco. I was traveling around Europe with a girlfriend and Justin ended up being on the same boat tour. We ended up falling in love for the week-long sailing tour around the Dalmatian Coast islands. After the trip, sort of on a whim but also secretly hoping Justin might meet me ‘halfway,’ about a month after Croatia I moved to New York. We ended up doing long distance for about eight months. We met in various places around the world: London, San Francisco, Dublin, New York; he actually got stuck in New York with me during Hurricane Sandy, which I didn’t mind too much! His company was able to transfer him to their New York office in February 2013. We moved in together to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn shortly after. We just moved to his hometown of Perth, Australia and in May 2016 we’ll be getting married in the place we fell in love, Croatia!”

2. Marie and Oliver: South Beach sweethearts


Image: Marie and Oliver

t “I was working as a fine art painter in New York, and was invited by a close friend to join her and a few of her other friends for a weekend of debauchery in Miami. When I arrived and saw the Delano pool bar, I just had to take a picture of the pool for inspiration for a painting. I asked a gorgeous Frenchman on a nearby lounge chair to move over a bit so I could take the picture, and he proceeded to tell me that I knew nothing about how to work a camera or obtain the perfect lighting for the shot. So he made me a plastic cup ‘tripod’ and took all the photos for me; they turned out great. I thanked him and never really expected to see him again.

t The next evening, I was with the girls and we were heading out for the second night and I literally bumped right into the Frenchman from the night before. He ended up joining our group, and we chatted for hours. The next day he called me in the morning and invited me to rent bicycles, and the following day we rented scooters and went all over town. But things took a turn when we decided to take a dip in a swimming pool and got robbed, with everything in our day bags stolen. The camera with the pool photo, my laptop, phone, designer handbag, and all the same for him. We spent a few hours at the police station and laughed our bums off over what had happened. It was then that I knew I had fallen for him. Luckily I had good insurance and everything was replaced. I extended my stay for a few more days in Miami, and he flew to see me in New York, twice in the following month. Within six months we had moved to Paris together and three years later we tied the knot.”

3. Victoria and Kriston: Crop Over connection


Image: Victoria and Kriston

t This one is more personal, because it is my own story! I am half Bajan and visited Barbados in 2012 for a family reunion. My cousins urged me to come back the next year for Crop Over (carnival) since they sensed my love to party and knew I’d love it. So the next year, I returned to Barbados with three friends to experience everything that Crop Over had to offer. Kriston and I met on Aug. 4, 2013 at a pretty crazy beach party during the final days of my vacation. After I left, communication continued via email, then whatsapp, then skype and by Christmas 2013 Kriston booked a ticket to New York to confirm that all of the digital communication actually was the real deal… and it was! We’ve been doing long distance ever since, meeting in Barbados, New York and in between (including St. Lucia where we got engaged) about every other month. Kriston is moving to New York in the Spring, and we’re currently planning our wedding in Barbados!

Image: Pokaychan/Pixabay

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