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Most young people consider doing this online to be cheating

If you think flirting online isn’t cheating, then you are officially in the minority. A new survey from Fusion found that most millennials actually consider online cuteness — emojis, flirty emoticons — to be cheating. Because, duh. It is.

The survey question was part of a bigger piece about technology and relationships but one major thing is clear: The times of old Facebook flings and rekindled flirtations with high school boyfriends are over. We are onto it!

It’s hard to imagine who the 15 percent of people are who don’t consider it cheating to flirt online, but the vast majority of people know the truth. How could it not be?

Most of us have done it and most of us know it’s not just words. These flirtations can get pretty hot. If we are doing it behind our partner’s back, of course it is cheating. Just ask yourself: How would you feel if he did the same to you? That’s the answer.

In fact, when it comes to what cheating is, it’s all about how cheating is defined in your relationship. But it’s a pretty safe bet that if something would hurt you, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it to your partner. It’s not that much of a leap to recognize cheating. Just because you don’t have sex doesn’t make it OK.

Cheating can mean a lot more than clandestine meetings and kissing someone who isn’t your spouse. Now there are all kinds of new ways to cheat and ways to hurt one another. A good rule of thumb? If you feel you need to lie, then you are probably doing something wrong. End it. If you don’t want your husband to see what you are doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

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