10 Tips that will leave you more empowered in 2015

Here are some quick tips to make your 2015 the most empowered year yet!


1. Let go of unnecessary activities that are not making you happy!

t What does this mean? It means making a list of activities that have been draining you. If they are draining you emotionally or physically it means that they are not contributing to your overall health. If these activities had been lifting you up, you would not be drained. It could be a social obligation or a supplemental professional activity. Make a list and let go.

2. Make a list of people that are negative influencers and yes, let go or limit them

t I know this sounds a little harsh. But it is extremely essential. One of the clearest examples of a disempowered life is the maintaining of insincere relationships. We all have people in our life that I would call “Debbie or Dan Downers.” If they are bringing your spirits down and always making negative comments about your dreams, inspirations or even causing hostility, they do not need to be around you.

3. Speak with purpose

t Your words are valuable, they represent who you are. Many times we find ourselves in situations where we are speaking to join the crowd, nodding our heads when we mean to say no. There is a link between your heart, mind and mouth. Practice this skill in small or large groups of people whether you are speaking about significant or insignificant topics. This will minimize situations on which you come across insincere.

4. Slow down

t We are always multitasking. Since we are doing so much all the time, many times we are not giving ourselves time to think about what we are doing and saying. This can cause a lot of confusion personally. Slow down. Even if you are accomplishing small tasks such as washing the dishes, changing diapers or sending emails, slow down and do it with more thought. This practice allows you to have personal empowerment in many areas of life.

5. Value integrity

t Having integrity in all aspects of life is a great goal for all of us. But you cannot have integrity if you are not personally empowered to strive for it. We all want to be reliable, we all want to be honest, we all want to be sincere. If you find it difficult letting go of activities, letting go of people or speaking with purpose all the time, make integrity your goal.

6. Value your flaws

t Many times we find ourselves acting and speaking in manners that are not a true reflection of who we are. This is due many times to the fact that we are trying to cover up our flaws. This would be easily rectified if we were not embarrassed by our flaws. Everyone has flaws and they are our beautiful imperfections that we can constantly improve on. They allow us to get in touch with ourselves and focus on personal development. We can be authentic by being transparent when necessary.

7. Value your time

t An idle mind is the devil’s playground. Utilize your time wisely by being empowered to take control of how you spend it and let it be an asset of your life.

8. Devalue things

t We live in a time in which we are pushed by so many products and merchandise that tell us happiness equals things. We intellectually know this is not true. But we all fall into the trap. Buy things because you enjoy them, but know that you do not need them. What you need is a sincere heart and sincere relationships.

9. Set your boundaries

t With people, activities and obligations. Learn to say “no” and “stop.”

10. Find your passions and fall into them fully

t Passion gives you power. Surround yourself with activities and people that share your passion. You will find your way to your power.

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