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6 Hilarious workout accessories from the ’80s

The ’80s definitely had it going on with fitness gear and workout accessories.

Working out in the 1980s was all about fitness, sure, but it was also about looking awesome while getting into shape. Aerobics were all the rage and Olivia Newton-John was a household name. Spandex, headbands, belts and leg warmers meant you were serious about your exercise.

1. Leg warmers and white shoes

Leg warmers

Image: spandexhoneys/YouTube

You don’t want to work out and leave your calves out in the cold, do you? I have a feeling that leg warmers, in the ’80s, were more for fashion than for function — it’s a way to draw together your whole sweet outfit. They are especially fetching with the ubiquitous white tennis shoes favored by aerobics enthusiasts.

2. Headbands


Image: Nep L’Artificier/YouTube

Nobody wants sweat dripping in their eyes — gross. Headbands are a perfect fashion accessory for the industrious ’80s fitness expert.

3. Thong leotards

Thong leotard

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Um, well, these were often paired with panty hose or tights, so your butt cheeks weren’t exactly flapping in the wind. But, after a hardcore workout, doesn’t it become a bit uncomfortable?

4. Belts


Image: Nep L’Artificier/YouTube

Perfectly centered on the teensy waists of fitness mavens from the past, these belts looks particularly fetching because it helps accentuate small waistlines — which is your goal, no?

5. Men in spandex

Men in leotards

Image: Emiliano Parizzi/YouTube

These amazing spandex outfits not only show off a finely toned physique, but they also look super comfortable, too.

6. High-cut leotards

Hi-cut leotards

Image: spandexhoneys/YouTube

The higher, the better — these high-cut leotards of yesteryear highlight the gorgeous hips of those who donned them. You have hip bones. You should show them off!

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