6 Ridiculous exercise infomericals you can’t unsee

If you’re up for a laugh, check out these bizarre, naughty and just plain silly exercise equipment commercials.

The allure of having workout and exercise equipment in your home is very strong — not everybody has time to hit the gym. And maybe having it in your home can really increase your motivation, right? The jury is still out on that, but you’ll have to agree that these exercise equipment commercials are definitely a bit goofy.

1. Shake Weight

shake weight

Image: YouTube

This product has become well known — not for its results, but for the rather suggestive commercials they put out. I don’t know if I could have acted in a Shake Weight commercial and not feel like I was doing porn.

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2. ThighMaster

Thighmaster infomercial

These classic commercials from the ’90s, most notably featuring Suzanne Somers, are truly timeless. But she’s so cute and cheerful, why wouldn’t you want to try out a ThighMaster? And it’s not just for thighs.

Images: YouTube

3. Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle infomercial

Image: YouTube

This amazing machine will tone your abs and even your inner thighs while you look like you’re about to take off into the stratosphere.

4. Ab Rocket

Ab Rocket

Image: YouTube

This product looks wonderful, for sure, but do you need to be in outer space to use it?

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5. Gazelle

Image: YouTube

While Tony Little is persuasive, I’d be creeped out if he climbed on the back of my Gazelle for some weird spooning exercise action.

Goofy infomercial

Image: YouTube

6. iGallop

igallop infomercial

Image: YouTube

I’m not totally sure I understand the point of this piece of equipment, but the commercial is kinky enough that maybe we should just watch it to find out.


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