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7 Unconventional ways to meet other singles

If you’ve had no luck at your local pub, don’t despair; there are other ways to meet sexy singles — you just have to get a bit creative. Leave the clichéd bar scene behind and try a few unconventional places to find love.

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea but, if you want to reel in the good ones, it pays to get a little creative. Ideally, you want to meet someone with similar interests, a similar outlook or perhaps even a similar lifestyle. How to do that? Here are seven fun, wacky and weird ways to meet other singles…

1. Airport hook-ups

Among the flurry of emotional and excited people, duty-free stores and a food court with bewildering coffee prices, the airport can serve a non-travel purpose — it’s a great place to meet interesting and like-minded people.

If you’re a traveller, there’s hardly a better place to meet someone to share your passion and itchy feet. If you travel for business perhaps a partner who does the same will have a better understanding of your schedule and commitments.

The bravest of us can just approach a nice-looking person and strike up a conversation but, for those who aren’t quite so gutsy (or spontaneous), there are sites like

The goal of the site is to pair up travellers at a given airport based on what they’re looking for — a serious relationship, a bit of fun or just someone to spend time with. All you have to do is pick an airport, list what you’re looking for, browse available profiles and organise to meet up. Then let the love take off.

2. Food enthusiasts unite

There’s a reason they say that the way to the heart is through the stomach; food and romance are inextricably linked. So it makes sense to use your love of good (or bad) cuisine to stir up affection of another kind. Of course, you could scout out single tables at restaurants and invite yourself over but that probably wouldn’t go down too well. If you don’t want to be creepy, there are plenty of other ways to combine the two.

For one you could join food-themed singles events and cooking classes through places like Speed Dater. If you don’t find a match, at least your taste buds will have been swept off their feet. Singles clubs, such as Meetup, also offer food-themed events and employ a little less pressure or formal structure.

And let’s not forget about the internet, which can help you seek out a partner-in-food through sites like or The first is a site that allows you to form a love connection based on a mutual love of food and encourages foodies to meet and cook for one another. The second is a place where vegetarians and vegans can discuss their love of kale as they flirt and fall in love.

3. Pure vanity

You’re too sexy for your shirt and your car and your hat. You’re pretty damn sexy and there’s just no denying it. Naturally, beauty like yours shouldn’t be restrained, which means your partner will have to be equally beautiful. You can begin the search for your perfect match at a Killing Kittens event. Don’t worry — they have nothing to do with murdering animals but rather with fancy masquerade balls and elite events where beautiful people meet, flirt and play with others of their kind.

If you’d prefer something a little more online, you could try your luck on The singles site, which offers a chat as well as singles’ events to its members, is an elite club for the ridiculously good-looking. The site claims to have initiated more than 700 marriages and boasts “the largest dating community of attractive people in the world.” The only hitch? You have to be voted into the club by its existing members. Once you apply, members of the opposite sex decide if you’re attractive enough to join.

If you’d really just rather date somebody a lot more like — if not identical to —yourself, head on over to The site works on the principle that the best matches are formed between people who have similar facial features. The process works by utilising an algorithm, which matches you up with a potential soul mate based on your facial compatibility.

4. Puppy love

Your pooch is the love of your life so who better to introduce you to a potential life partner? After all, not only will such a person understand the irresistibility of a wagging tail or the need for cuddles on the sofa (even if it means fur everywhere), but they’re also likely to have a similar — probably active — lifestyle.

The traditional way to meet dog-loving singles is to simply loiter around a park with your furry friend until you bump into someone of interest, 101 Dalmatians style.

However, chance can be a cruel mistress so, if you’d like to tip the odds a little more in your favour, you have a couple of other options. Firstly, you could join a singles dog walking group or a “Yappy Hour” event through places like Meetup, your local pet shop or a singles club. Prefer to be a little more direct? Sites like can match you up with another pet lover while also offering relationship, lifestyle and pet advice.

5. Holidating

Forget blind dates. Why restrict yourself to a few hours of tremendous, thrilling or superbly awkward interaction when you can jump in with both eyes closed for a whole weekend? A holidate — otherwise knowing as a romantication — involves turning your first blind date into a mini (usually a weekend) getaway.

If you feel your sense of adventure stirring, and you’d rather find out straight away if you’re compatible with a potential mate, follow the new trend. The most direct way to make it happen is to pop onto a site like or and suggest a holidate to a potential suitor.

If you’re a little more daring, short on cash or would rather just not pay for the holidate yourself, you might want to check out The site pairs up rich bachelors with attractive travel mates so they can explore the world together.

6. Zombie love

Looking for a never-ending, insatiable, want-to-eat-each-other’s-brains-out kind of love? Zombie dating might be for you. The world’s obsession with the undead has extended to the area of romance. After all zombies need love too.

If you’d like to see what being a zombie in love is like, head over to, where you can meet the flesh-eater of your dreams and chat about the coolest movies, TV shows, video games, books and tastiest body parts.

Alternatively, Zombie Connect brings a new, more portable angle to the whole zombie dating experience. The mobile phone app designed for anyone seeking a “slowly rotting soulmate,” begins with a quick “zombiefication.” After that it’s just a matter of perusing profiles of the single-and-ready-to-mingle undead and selecting the ones that might be an eternal love match.

7. At close range

The proximity dating concept is simple — find potential mates as close to yourself as you can, so you won’t have to spend hours (and hundreds of pounds) travelling to meet up. It’s also rather handy if you’re more into the casual side of things.

There are a ton of apps that target this particular style of dating. For the gay community we have the likes of Grindr (one of the pioneers of the proximity dating movement) and Dattch, while straight singles can choose from a whole range of proximity apps. If you want to have your pick of the people in your hood, you can turn to Blendr, Skout or OkCupid. Consider yourself a bit more selective? Hinge will let you use your friend network to find a match. Or you can keep things mysterious with Revealr, which will play your potential date’s voice and only show you what they look like if both of you are interested. Last but not least is Tinder, which has taken the world by storm and only pairs you up with a potential mate if mutual interest is expressed by both parties.

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