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Can sex prolong your life?

Sex sells — it makes the world go round, is endlessly fascinating and seemingly we can’t get enough of it — but is it good for you? There are suggestions a healthy sex life can prolong your life.

Sex and good health

What better way to keep healthy than to have an active sex life with your man? When you enter into a relaxed and mutually fulfilling sexual union you are giving your body a great workout and there is the added bonus that being tactile, hugging and kissing will just make you feel happier. According to Dr. David Weeks, consultant neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, good sex keeps us healthier for longer. Following a 10-year study, he laid out his conclusions in the book: Superyoung: The Proven Way to Stay Young Forever. He says, “sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth. It makes us happy and it produces chemicals telling us so.”

Apparently, those in sexually active “loving” couples are more likely to stay in shape for their partners.

The physical activity involved in sex helps us stay trim — it increases our blood circulation and gives us a stimulating physical workout which trims our muscles and burns up calories. The study took account of the responses of 3,500 people from Britain, the U.S. and Europe aged between 18 and 102 years old.

Great physical effects of good sex

  • Endorphins are produced during sex and they are known as the “feel good” hormones of the brain
  • Sex increases the rate of your blood circulation and gives you a great all body workout
  • Oxytocin or the so-called “love” hormone is produced during orgasm. It enables you to sleep well and promotes feelings of well being and calmness
  • Sex uses up calories — between 100 to 250 calories an hour — and promotes healthy muscle tone
  • Increased circulation associated with sex sends more oxygen to the surface of the skin, which gives you a better complexion

Sex is never simple

As with all things sex related, its effect on your general health is open to debate — so is it good or is it bad? Clearly if you have indiscriminate and unprotected sex you run the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and, in this era of AIDs and HIV, it could actually have a life-threatening effect on your health. Sex is not merely a physical union. It is a physical and emotional contract made by two people to indulge in a potentially pleasurable act. If one of the participants is coerced into the act then clearly this would have a profoundly negative effect. The word sex is short for sexual reproduction. Unprotected sex can also result in pregnancy, which can be wonderful or not so welcome.

According to Dr. Weeks: “Casual sex would bring a lot of the detrimental things to staying youthful such as anxiety and the absence of security. Both those things are associated with a loss of youth.” He concludes that, of the factors which contribute to youthful looks, 25 percent are genetic and 75 percent are behavioural. Having a happy and healthy sex life can greatly contribute to a more youthful appearance and outlook.

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