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He didn’t propose: Keep waiting or walk away?

You’ve been dating for ages and everyone thinks he’s about to get down on one knee. Every time you have a special date, mini-break or holiday, you wonder if he’s going to pop the question. And you’re not alone. Your friends are wondering, too. So what happens if he doesn’t propose?

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Your candlelit dinner was amazing and at the end — there was a jewelry box. It was… a lovely pair of earrings — and you’re still without a ring. You love him and all you want is the big gesture but, while you’re starting to lose your patience, you don’t want to lose him by applying pressure. What’s a girl to do?

Manage expectations

The first thing you can do is control your own expectations and the expectations of those around you. It’s very natural for people to fast forward the tapes when you announce big plans with your man — we’re all romantics at heart. Try not to indulge in pre-imagining your fantasy engagement so you won’t be embarrassed to tell people it hasn’t happened. If your friends persist, ask them politely not to get you overexcited.

Live in the moment

As much as you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, do remember that a life together is built on a series of moments. Thoroughly enjoy those instead of looking too far into the future.

Tell him how you feel

Men are not mind readers. If you have not spoken to one another about a future, it’s time for you to — gulp — raise the topic. No woman wants to sound demanding or needy but if you have a timeline in mind, and haven’t expressed it, you need to clue him in on your expectations.

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Don’t hold a grudge

Don’t make a list of all the missed opportunities and hold them against him. If you love him and he’s a keeper, you’ll forgive everything as soon as that ring is on your finger. Just be positive… and patient.

Confront any issues

If you suspect there’s a deeper-rooted issue related to why he hasn’t proposed, you need to make some decisions. Be honest with yourself. Is he the one? If so, can you stomach being with him without the ring? If you desperately want to be in a marriage and he doesn’t, then you may have to make the hardest decision of all — but one that will open you up to happiness in the future.

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