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Make your own nipple tassels for Valentine’s Day

Want to be a little sexy but a whole lotta playful? Then impress your partner with your own burlesque surprise, starting with some nipple tassels that you made yourself. We learned how with the help of Gaby Kennedy.

Nipple Tassels

Gaby Kennedy has cultivated huge love and support in London’s thriving burlesque community for her gorgeous nipple tassels and other hand-crafted accessories but she has quite the traditional pedigree. She graduated from The Royal School of Needlework and was selected as one of the embroiderers to work on the sleeves of Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding dress. There is not much she can’t do, and while she has recently turned her eye to millinery and dressmaking as well, she has never forgotten her — pardon the Valentine’s Day pun — heartland.

Through her business, Gaby holds workshops that teach women embroidery. Today, she’s giving us our own Valentine’s treat: a step-by-step lesson in making our own nipple tassels right at home. Just get some stiff card, fabric or glitter paper, some glue and a pair of scissors — and let’s get going.

Gaby says:


Cut stencil and adjust

Cut out this heart stencil and cut into it on the interrupted line. Increase or decrease the size depending on the size of your nipples. Remember you only want to cover your nipple, not the whole breast.

Step one


Transfer and cut out

Using your stencil, transfer your design on to the back of the card, glitter paper or fabric. Cut your two shapes out.

Step two


Apply glue

Apply glue on the wrong side of your design (on the red dotted area only) and glue your sides together forming a coned shaped heart. Using a glue gun is best.

Step three


Cut off extra

Cut off the bit that sticks out (see photo) and voila! — you just made a pair of sexy pasties. You might want to add a tassel to your pastie. These are available in any haberdashery shop or you can make your own here.

Step five


Glue leatherette

I like to finish off the back by gluing some leatherette on so the pastie is easy to wipe.

Step four

Final product

Finished product

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