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A Wimbledon workout

To compete in all those matches and become top of their game, Wimbledon tennis players are certainly put through their paces. To make sure their fitness is up to scratch, all competitors work out daily. Here’s an idea what their routines consist of so you can get a taste of what it is like to be a world-class athlete and get more fit along the way!

Woman playing tennis


Running is a great workout for the whole body and a perfect cardio activity to get the blood pumping. Tennis players do this just to keep up their overall fitness as there is a huge amount of running around on court. Andy Murray reportedly does 400-metre repetition-running for endurance and claims it is what may give him the edge over other competitors. Running also reduces inflammation in the body and releases endorphins which give you a feel-good feeling.


This is the obvious choice of exercise for the Wimbledon players and many play several times a day in the run-up to the tournament to improve both their fitness and their game. Tennis is a full body workout using all the major muscles in the body and builds muscle to be stronger and healthier. It also improves your flexibility and if played regularly, will leave you with lovely toned limbs. The game is also great for your mind and keeps it sharp and responsive. Every time you hit the ball your brain will be working hard and will release any pent-up tension as well. Even if you are not looking to improve your fitness, tennis is a great way to keep your mind young and you have a great time too.

Box jumps

Since much of tennis is about the lower body, box jumping is a great way to improve the strength and muscles in that area. Box jumping is simply jumping on and off a box at around 25 inches in height. It improves your vertical jump, balance and muscle strength, also improving your response time and speed, which is why many tennis players like it. Incorporating box jumping into an assault-course routine will complement your workout, although it has to be done properly for you to get the best out of this exercise.


Although weights should only be light, as the bodybuilder look isn’t too attractive on most women, all tennis players will make sure they lift weights to keep their strength up. Although many may not realise, being in the gym can determine how well someone does in their sports career more than being on court practising for hours. Athletes credit the gym with being an integral part of their training, keeping their muscles strong and the body fit so they are ready to face their competition in big tournaments like Wimbledon. To find a weights routine suited to you, it is best to book in with a fitness instructor at your local gym who can devise the most suitable plan for you.

Eat well

Eating well can be as, if not more important, than the actual training. A healthy diet full of carbs for energy and protein for muscle strength needs to be eaten when training intensely. Wimbledon tennis players eat anything from an amazing 4,000 to 6,000 calories a day, with Andy Murray stating that he eats the upper figure or more when training for a big tennis tournament. Lots of fruit, vegetable, grains and lean protein such as chicken and fish should be eaten. Foods such as biscuits and cakes are to be avoided as they are considered “empty carbs.”

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