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5 Ways to show a friend how much you appreciate them

Sometimes in life it is very easy to take your friends for granted and simply expect them to be there when you need them. Sometimes your friendships need to be reinforced and you need to show your mates exactly how much you value their friendship. Here are six ways to show your friends just how much they mean to you so they feel valued and appreciated.

Good friends

Be there to listen

Sometimes simply being there to listen is the perfect way to be a good friend and show them how much you appreciate their friendship. We all need someone to listen every now and again and knowing there is always someone there to can be very comforting. Even if your friend has a problem you cannot help with or solve, just being there to offer an ear will be good enough.

Be loyal

Show how much your friend means to you by being as loyal as possible. Stick up for her whenever you can, always back her up and be on her side. A strong friendship is one which has managed to survive through the trials and tribulations of life with each friend making sure they are always there for each other.

Treat them

Every now and again take your friend out on you, just as a little thank you for being a great friend. Take them to the cinema to see that film they want to watch, treat them to a nice meal out or buy them a few drinks down the local pub. It doesn’t cost much and you don’t have to do it often, but when you do it will show them how much they mean to you. You never know, it could make their day!

Be trustworthy

You earn the trust of your friend by never letting them down. Friendships are built on trust and without it it will be difficult for the relationship to survive. If a friend tells you a secret and relies on you to not tell a soul it is your responsibility to make sure you keep that promise. To show them your continued appreciation make sure you stay trustworthy and let them know they can tell you anything without it going any further.

Send them a card

Without spending a penny (if you make the card yourself) you can show your best friend exactly how much they are appreciated by putting it all in a letter. A few simple lines is all you need and make sure it comes straight from the heart. It will reinforce your relationship and make them feel secure and confident that you have a strong friendship worth working hard to keep.

Bake or cook for them

Although somewhat of a cliché, baked goods have warm connotations which show any one who receives them that they are wanted, loved and appreciated. Spending your time and effort making a cake, cookies or a dessert is the ultimate compliment and shows her how much you think of her and your friendship. Even if you are terrible at baking, it is the thought that counts! If cakes aren’t your thing, invite them round for a casual dinner and make their favourite meal for them. It is these personalised gestures which mean a lot.

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