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Remedies for the unhealthiest of habits

Some habits can take a lifetime to kick, but giving in to your guilty pleasure now and again shouldn’t mean the end of healthy living. Follow these tips to help fix those indulgent moments that we are all guilty of.

Woman with a hangover

Partying all night

Missing out on sleep can be really detrimental to your health and you will see immediate effects. Not only will you lose concentration, but your skin and hair will both suffer as well.

Remedy: Pick yourself up with a protein rich breakfast of scrambled eggs with salmon for loads of energy, but ditch the toast, as high GI-foods will only make you tired later in the day. Try to squeeze in a nap anywhere that you can, even if this means putting your head down for 20 minutes at work. Just a short amount of time can boost your mood and concentration.

Sunbed session

Sunbeds are incredibly dangerous to the skin. As well as increasing your risk of cancer, sunbeds speed up the signs of ageing, leaving you with life-long problems in exchange for a little extra colour on your skin.

Remedy: If you have indulged in sunbeds in the past and fear there is nothing you can do to repair the damage, think again. Start taking a beta-carotene supplement, an antioxidant that helps to offset the sun damage in your skin. To limit further damage, ensure that your skin is protected from sun exposure at all times using sun block. For some extra help, eat two squares of dark chocolate a day – it will help to protect you against UV damage.

Binge drinking

With statistics for binge drinking only getting worse, there are a fair few of us who are guilty of over-doing it when it comes to a glass of wine. No matter how careful you are, as soon as you take a sip you run the risk of over-indulging and doing some serious damage to your body, let alone suffering the dreaded hangover in the morning.

Remedy: If you are feeling guilty after a night out, eat some beetroot. It may not be your go-to hangover cure, but the vegetable helps to speed up your liver function aiding your recovery.

Social smoking

With the smoking ban banishing many people outside at bars and clubs, social smoking seems to have gotten worse, as those who don’t indulge in the filthy habit use it as an excuse to follow their friends outside. Social pressure accounts for most of those who indulge in “social smoking,” especially after a few drinks, arguing that only “one or two” won’t do any harm.

Remedy: While the damage smoking does to your health is well documented and the odd cigarette won’t necessarily cause long-term problems, it is still advisable to try and offset any harm caused. Eating fruit and veg rich in antioxidants will help counteract effects of the smoke. Carrots, broccoli and sweet potatos are all packed with alpha-carotene which helps to protect against lung cancer. Smoking will also cause inflammation of your airways, so pack yourself with the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 the day after.

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