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Trouble Sleeping? Try our five step guide to dropping off

A good night sleep is one of life’s true essentials. But despite the importance of getting some shut eye, it seems more and more we are missing out on sleep through stress, work or insomnia. You don’t have to let sleep become a problem for you with our five step guide to dropping off.

Woman in bubble bath

Run a bath

An hour before bed run a hot bath. The heat will help you relax and unwind after a long day and force you away from your phone, computer or iPad. As your body cools, it transitions more easily into sleep mode, so when you get out your body will be ready for bed.

Heat some hot milk

The routine of making a drink will signal to your brain that it is time to get some sleep. The calcium from the milk helps your brain process sleep-inducing tryptophan.

Set your alarm

Getting up at the same time every morning will help to regulate your sleep pattern. The most important rule for sleep is getting up at the same time. Even if you went to bed later or earlier than usual, always aim for the same time to rise so your body falls into a pattern, making it easier for you to drop off.

Don’t panic

If you don’t feel like you are falling asleep, don’t panic. Most people underestimate how much shut-eye they have actually had and resting is better than nothing. Try to relax and clear your mind. Don’t think about the next day and how much you have coming up, as hard as that might be!

Close your ears

Unfamiliar noises during the first and last two hours of sleep can supress immune system functions even if the noises don’t actually wake you up. To make sure you are not suffering from any noises during the night, invest in some ear plugs.

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