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4 Steps to a flat, toned, fabulous stomach

Do you want a sexy, flat stomach but find it impossible to achieve? With these four easy exercises, you can tone up and tighten your muscles quickly. By working your inner core muscles, these moves will give you quick and visible results in no time.

Flat abs

The C-Curve leg lift

First stand hip width apart with your feet turned out slightly. Next, with your shoulders and back straight, extend your arms forward, lean your head forward and slowly round your back. Lift your left leg raising it as far as is comfortable and then hold for 10 seconds. Return your leg slowly to the floor before doing the same with the right leg. Do three sets of 10 repetitions


Lie on your back with your feet flat on a wall and your legs together. Lift your shoulders slowly off the floor and holding onto your thighs, lift them off the ground for 30 seconds, pointing your toes up into the air. As you maintain the position, let go of your legs and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this motion three times.

Seated leg raises

Sit with your legs wider than hip-width apart. Bend your knees and leaning forward, rest your fingertips on the floor just outsider your knees. Maintaining your position, slowly lift both legs off the ground and hold for two seconds. Repeat 3 sets of 10.


Sit on the floor with your right leg bent in front of you so your knee is pointing at a right angle to your body. Your left leg should also be bent so your foot is behind you, while your knee is on the ground pointing away from your body. Slowly try to lift your left knee, which should be in front of you, off the floor before returning it down. Repeat ten times on both legs.

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