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Why low-fat foods can be bad for you

When low-fat foods were introduced to the market, we all yelled “Hallelujah” and ran to the nearest supermarket to stock up. Unfortunately, diet and low-fat foods may not be the answer to our prayers. In fact, scientists now believe some foods can actually be bad for your health. Here are five reasons why low-fat foods may not be that great after all.

Low fat muffins

1.) They are full of sugar

When you take fat out of a food you take away much of the taste. To avoid this, food manufactures will load their products with sugar. Excess sugar leads to tooth decay, gum disease and many other health problems which can come to light later in life.

2.) They are packed with sweeteners and additives

As with sugar, sweeteners and additives are put into low-fat foods to bump up the taste,which is lost when the fat is taken out. The chemicals are all man-made and many recent studies show that many of them may have negative effects on the body in the long term, especially for children. Many artificial flavorings have been linked to allergic reactions, dermatitis, eczema, hyperactivity and asthma, and can also affect enzymes, RNA and thyroid.

3.)They are missing vital nutrients

Many low-fat products are processed and very low in several vitamins and minerals. This could lead to deficiencies in the body which, in turn, can lead to a list of other problems.

2.) Weight gain

Defeating the overall purpose of eating food with less fat, low fat products can be pretty fating! Non-fat food are loaded with sugar to improve taste. A high sugar diet causes excess glucose in the body, which is then turned into fatty acid by the liver. It is then distributed around the body and will sit anywhere you are programmed to store fat. Common areas include the hips, tummy, bottom and arms. Sound familiar?

3.) Lowers your chances to fight off Infections

A recent study discovered that a moderate amount of saturated fat can actually be good for the body because they fight off any infections. Individuals withstanding a low-fat diet may not have the means to fight off infection or effectively repair their bodies. Affects include scarring and narrowing of the arteries, which can eventually lead to heart disease. Degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have also been linked to a low-fat diet.

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