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Satisfy your sweet tooth with these healthy treats

If you want to loose weight or generally eat healthier but can’t kick your sweet tooth, why not try these treats? Using natural sweeteners and less fat than normal desserts, they could be the answer to a new healthier you!

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Kellogg’s Bite Size Maple & Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats

These sweet and crunchy bits are the perfect antidote for a sweet craving. The whole grain treats mean that each little tasty morsel is only eight calories each and because they are high in fibre, you will feel fuller quicker than a normal treat.

Tropical Fruit Parfait

For a fruity desert with a difference, try this. In a small glass layer half inch cubes of fruit across the bottom, cover with a generous layer of plain low-fat yoghurt and top with toasted almonds. Not only do you get a yrummy fruit treat, it is only 100 calories!

Banana, Berry, and Buttermilk Ice Lollies

Ditch your usual ice cream for these tasty lollipops. Not only are they sweet and bursting with flavour, but they are healthy too. Purée one banana, one and a half cups of low-fat buttermilk and two cups of fresh berries with a tablespoon of honey and blend until smooth. All you need to do then is pour the mixture into lolly moulds and wait for them to set! A delicious treat in no time

Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Saying no to chocolate is sometimes the most difficult thing about a diet. But chocolate is healthier than you think, especially dark chocolate. For a fuss free nutty snack, simply cut up a half ounce of dark chocolate (70 per cent) and a handful of toasted almonds and tuck in! At only 96 calories, it is just as delicious as a chocolate bar without the added calories!

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