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How to de-stress and inject energy into your life

Don’t let life drain your energy. Give yourself a boost with these top relaxation techniques and feel revitalised and raring to go in no time.


Sitting quietly and reading a good book for 10 minutes can help you to de-stress and calm down. Reading helps to focus your brain and will help your body to calm down and take a more logical approach to your problems. By escaping from your worries for a few minutes you will receive an instant boost, and no doubt a solution will be much clearer when you return to the problem.

Imagine an end point

If you are struggling with a task and feeling like you can’t go on then take a minute to image yourself completing it. Think about how good it will feel when, rather than if, you do finish. In a lot of situations positive thinking can make the difference between failure and success. Stop worrying about whether you can complete a task – just know that you can. You will have much more energy to tackle problems if you can see an end in sight.

Take a yoga break

Snatching a moment to relax completely will help to relieve any tension and give your body a break. The strain of feeling stressed can really drain your energy levels so sitting quietly can give you a much needed boost. Lie on your back with your legs propped up on a cushion or the seat of a chair. Leave your arms loose at the side of your body with your palms up and over. After 10 minutes slowly lower your legs and roll onto your side. Increasing the height of your legs will help blood to pump more quickly to your body, especially your brain where you most need it, giving you a boost of energy.


As well as having the chance to clear your head the rhythmic movement of walking actually helps you to de-stress. Take a 10-minute break from work or family to let yourself rest. You will soon feel rejuvenated. Exercise also will give you an energy boost so if you really want to feel invigorated go for a five-minute run.

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