Woman says 'I love you' to herself for 30 days and it's inspiring (VIDEO)

Feb 3, 2015 at 6:40 p.m. ET
Image: Sarah Karges/YouTube

I have to admit, saying "I love you" to yourself out loud is actually very emotional and slightly uncomfortable. Sarah Karges recorded herself doing this for 30 days straight in what started as an experiment and has now evolved into a full-on social movement.

The fact that it's being spread like internet wildfire is a big red flag that we all crave a lot more love in our lives and we all seem to be our own worst enemy... until we decide that we're not. And that's exactly what Sarah proves in this highly emotional video, where she vows to say "I love you" to herself for 30 days, and where we are reminded that being vulnerable is also very uncomfortable.

But what we learn by the end of the video, is that it's also very necessary.


Take this example: A model, Erin McNaught, posted a postpartum photo of herself to Instagram. While she received several encouraging comments about her post-baby body, there were also some mean ones. They fell in one of two categories: Women shaming her for being vain and women shaming themselves for not looking as good or as thin as she did.

And that's really depressing. We should be each other's biggest supporters and instead it's all too common to pick each other apart, resorting to jealousy and mean-girl tactics. We don't love ourselves enough and that can fuel a damn lot of hate. That hate can then either point toward other women around us, or just fuel our own insecurities more, and both outcomes are very dangerous.

Yes, dangerous. Not in the scaling-a-building kind of way, but in a way that threatens any chance you have to reach your full potential in life. And which of those is actually scarier when you break it down?

After her 30 days of self-love, Sarah says, "So many things have changed. My confidence has gone up, my work has increased, my money, everything is just really changing and it all started with this practice."

So, in a world where it's really easy to resort to shaming and hating each other, be the one who doesn't. And that goes for how to treat others and how you treat yourself.

Watch others take the amazing challenge:


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